10 Hot Athletes Competing In The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

10 Hot Athletes Competing In The 2020 Tokyo Olympics


These are the 10 hottest athletes who will be competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Find out who they are in time for the games

The term itself is instantly alluring: Olympian. Not only are they at the peak of their physical powers, but combined with their determination, focus and will to win and it’s no wonder why so many get intoxicated with sports stars. So for us mere mortals, the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics will definitely be something to look forward to, not just for the medals but for all the the eye candy. We’ve come up with a list of the ten hottest players who have confirmed their attendance to the 2020 Olympics. Are you ready to show your support?

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Lorrenne Teixeira
Brazilian volleyball player, Lorrenne Teixeira, is the friendly smile with a smoking summer bod of the official Brazilian OIympic lineup. Her cheerful personality and relatable content truly what make this athlete hot.

Luke Gebbie
Filipino swimmer, Luke Michael Gebbie, is making his Olympic debut this year. Aside from his record breaking strides on the poolside, Luke is also an absolute heartthrob. We can’t wait to see him in the Olympic stage.

Arnaud Nordin
French professional footballer, Arnaud Nordin, is the French boy of our football dreams. He plays as a Wide Midfielder for AS Saint-Étienne and was included in the French football lineup as a forward.

Kristina Knott
Filipino-American track and field athlete, Kristina Knott, is more than just the record holder of the Philippine national record for the women’s 200 meters. She is also an extremely attractive individual because of her sprightly personality and toned physique.

Wang Shun
Chinese competitive swimmer, Wang Shun, looks like he should be in a TV series. He’s already an Olympian after competing and winning at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Now, he’s ready to get back in the water with his swoon worthy smile.

Devin Booker
American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Devin Booker, is Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend for a reason. He may look like a cute puppy, but he can turn into an absolute beast on the court.

Bianca Pagdanganan
Filipino professional golfer, Bianca Pagdanganan, is a dual medalist in the 2018 Asian Games. She played alongside Yuki Saso and Lois Kaye Go in the team event. Her charming personality and chic golf looks definitely add on to her toned athletic physique.

Sam Mikulak
American artistic gymnast, Sam Mikulak, is confirmed to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics alongside Brody Malone and Yul Moldauer. The Olympics may actually be his last run as a gymnast before he retires. So, it’s time to soak up his charisma while it lasts.

Yui Susaki
Japanese freestyle wrestler, Yuki Susaki, is the official flag bearer for the Olympics alongside Rui Hachimura. Don’t be fooled by her cute demeanor. Rui muscular built and fierce competitiveness is what makes her a powerhouse on the mats. A strong powerful woman is definitely a sexy one.

Rustam Orujov
Azerbaijani judoka, Rustam Orujav, is one of the most feared competitors on the Judo mat. He won a silver medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics and is officially competing in the Tokyo Olympics. His action shots on the mat shows his attractive smile and his domineering judo demeanor.

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