10 Iconic Athletes You Can Dress Up as This Halloween

10 Iconic Athletes You Can Dress Up as This Halloween


Put your activewear to use by dressing up as one of these iconic athletes for Halloween. Here are the 10 athletes, from foreign to local, you can take inspiration from for this year’s festivities

While Halloween is more than just about partying, it certainly adds to the fun if you dress up and wear costumes with your friends. For some people, Halloween parties are an opportunity to go all out, but minimal effort is the way to go for others. But even if you decide on a costume made entirely of what’s already in your closet, it doesn’t mean you still can’t look put together and creative. With that in mind, here are 10 costume ideas you can consider for your next Halloween rager. And at least this way, you get to don your activewear outside of fitness-related activities!

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Bianca Bustamante

Bianca Bustamante F1 Academy
Photo: BIANCA BUSTAMANTE (via Instagram)

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A racecar driver is often a go-to costume for the average Formula 1 enthusiast, with global figures to choose from like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. But this year, we have the chance to dress as a Filipino driver—none other than Bianca Bustamante. To dress as Bianca, you can don her new McLaren team colors or wear a red jumpsuit with a helmet on hand to reflect her style in the recently-concluded F1 Academy series.

EJ Obiena

athlete EJ Obiena
Photo: ERNEST OBIENA (via Instagram)

Another athlete that elicits national pride is EJ Obiena, the record-setter and current world No. 2 in men’s pole vault. To pay homage to this athlete, we recommend putting on a standard gym tank and shorts using the Philippine flag colors to evoke his Olympic uniform. Complete this look with the longest stick you can find!

Margielyn Didal

Margielyn Didal
Photo: MARGIELYN DIDAL (via Instagram)

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A recognizable figure in the street skateboarding scene is Margielyn Didal who rose to international prominence in 2018 with her gold medal win in the 2018 Asian Games. With that in mind, if you put on a blue cap, orange pants, and a white New Balance shirt with blue, yellow, and red stripes across it, your costume inspiration is sure to be recognizable.

Hidilyn Diaz

athlete Hidilyn Diaz

Speaking of prominence, no athlete list would be complete without Hidilyn Diaz, the country’s first gold medal winner for weightlifting. Looking like her at the moment of her golden lift will only take an all-blue training gear, wrist wraps, knee pads, and a prop weight for the full effect.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley
Photo: RHEA RIPLEY (via Instagram)

Going over to the international spectacles, we’re starting off with Rhea Ripley, an Australian professional wrestler signed onto the WWE. To mimic her WWE appearances, don an all-leather and all-black attire with heavy makeup and jewelry. A touch of violet in your look will also let everyone know who you’re dressed as.

Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim
Photo: CHLOE KIM (via Instagram)

Chloe Kim is a Gen Z American snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist who charmed the internet with her relatability and humor. If you are the type to travel abroad for winter sports, then whatever you have on hand is good to go. Make sure you have eyeliner on and tell everyone you can’t cry because of it to really personify the athlete!

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Halloween costume
Photo: MUHAMMAD ALI (via Instagram)

Muhammad Ali made his mark on history during his time as a professional boxer and activist. To look as he did during the peak of his career, all you’ll need are predominantly white shorts and black or red boxing gloves.


Pelé Halloween costume
Photo: PELÉ FOUNDATION (via Instagram)

Another historically relevant figure in the realm of sports is Pelé, someone who is widely regarded as among the greatest football players of all time. To pay homage to the sports icon, don a football uniform in Brazil’s team colors and carry with you one or more World Cup trophies as props.

David Beckham

David Beckham Halloween costume
Photo: DAVID BECKHAM (via Instagram)

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With the release of his documentary, dressing as David Beckham for this year makes sense. For your Halloween costume, all you need to do is sport a football uniform in Manchester United’s colors.

Cori Dionne “Coco” Gauff

Coco Gauff

Now, this could be niche, but anyone who follows tennis news knows Coco Gauff and the recent controversy she was involved in due to her opponent Laura Siegemund’s time violations during the US Open. You and a friend can recreate the scene with a neon yellow tennis uniform for Coco and a magenta one for Laura. 

Featured Image: CBR MEDIA

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