10 Must-Haves Every Independent Woman Should Carry In Their Bag

10 Must-Haves Every Independent Woman Should Carry In Their Bag


With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a modern and independent woman is always on the go. Being always at the top of their game, modern ladies always carry the essential items she needs in her everyday activities. From unexpected meetings, wardrobe malfunctions, or just simple items for any situation that may arise, these lifesavers are all you need to get through your jam-packed day.


1. Beauty kit



For your retouches and unforeseen affairs, carrying a beauty kit containing all your necessities is a must. A concealer can come to the rescue for smudges and a lipstick that can effortlessly brighten up your face can serve as a lifesaver. Don’t forget to add your handy compact mirror, go-to perfume, and oil blotting sheets to your pouch along with those items.


2. Phone charger or power bank


Every day transactions and communications rely heavily on our phones. Going through the day with an empty battery can be stressful, so always carry around a charger or power bank to make sure you’re online 24/7/

3. Hair ties


Beat a bad hair day with a trusty hair tie. It can always make your look sleeker and chicer as well.

4. Pepper spray

Whether it’s night or day, we strongly suggest to always carry a pepper spray. There’s nothing better than making yourself feel safe and secure.

5. Mini sewing kit


Wardrobe malfunctions always come when you least expect it. Whether it be an important meeting or a much-awaited date, never let this fashion emergency ruin your day. Be sure to have a mini sewing kit (or even just safety pins!) in your bag to avoid this hassle.

6. Sanitary pad

A good day can be interrupted when that time of the month might come unexpectedly. Don’t let your period hold you back. Carrying a sanitary pad like Kotex Luxe will save you from any day and provide utmost comfort–as if it were nothing! Go through your daily activities with an almost unnoticeable period experience to help you perform at your best.

7. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the scorching glare of the sun with stylish sunglasses. Carrying a trendy pair of eyewear can always amplify any outfit as a fashionable staple.

8. Hand sanitizer


With the amount of things and surfaces we touch daily, always have a hand sanitizer or keep a pack of wipes to keep yourself clean.

9. Medicine kit


In case of allergies, sudden migraine, and wounds, bring a tiny medicine kit containing all the essential medicines to give you that quick relief.

10. Eco bag


In case of impulsive splurges or when the situation comes that you  need to carry around a large item, opt to bring an extra bag for incidents like this. Not only do you look chic but you’re also being eco-friendly!
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