10 Ways Conditioning Boosts Your Hair Confidence

10 Ways Conditioning Boosts Your Hair Confidence


Discover how the right conditioner can unlock the secret to a bolder, more vibrant you with Cream Silk’s all-new Vitamin Boost conditioners

Ever wished you could step out of your home sporting smooth, glossy strands with no fuzz? Of course, you do. But the humid climate of the Philippines can feel like achieving “hair perfection” is an uphill battle. Luckily, the solution is more straightforward than you think, and it lies with your hair care that relies on your conditioner.

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Why is conditioner your hair’s best friend?

Hair washing is essential, but shampoo alone is not enough. Most of us don’t realize that washing hair with only shampoo can dry our hair and leave it “buhag-haggard,” disheveled and vitamin-deficient. It can strip your hair of the essential oils it needs for that lustrous and healthy sheen. 

Beyond simply making hair soft and smooth, conditioners can bring your crowning glory back to life. Incorporating a conditioner in your routine replenishes essential nutrients and instantly benefits your locks. To level up on your hair care game so that it’s #BoostedForMore, Cream Silk’s Vitamin Boost Conditioner, along with its two variants—Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner and Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner—can supercharge your hair confidence with daily use.

Here are 10 ways daily conditioning can boost your hair confidence:

Nourishes your hair

A good conditioner can restore nutrients to your hair. Fortified with a potent concentration of up to 10 times vitamins such Pro-Vitamin B5 and Argan Oil, The Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioner fills in the gap shampoo missed, promoting more robust and healthier strands.

A woman adding hair product on her hair.

Detangles your hair

Tired of knots? A conditioner can help detangle those unruly knots, allowing easier combing and reducing hair breakage. A manageable hair can definitely simplify your styling routine.

Restores moisturization

A weekly rendezvous with a nutrient-rich conditioner can restore the driest of strands. Make every day of the week a deep moisturizing ritual and enable maximum hydration in every strand with each shower trip. The Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioner can penetrate deep into your hair layers ensuring healthier and softer strands.

Reduces frizz and dryness

It can be quite a challenge to maintain frizz and dryness in hair, especially when you’re always out in the sun. A conditioner can be your secret weapon to smoothen your hair cuticles to produce a sleek, well-conditioned sheen. 

For even straighter and manageable hair, the Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner can give you up to 10 times straighter hair with daily usage.

A woman brushing her hair with her hands on a windy shore.

Protects you from harsh elements

Aside from sun exposure, your hair is also exposed to pollution and other damaging factors on the daily. Arm your hair with a protective layer to counteract these pesky elements and maintain your lock’s stability.

Improves hair texture

Picture giving your hair a mini vacation with a soothing spa treatment every time you shower—that’s what your conditioner is. Regularly incorporating it into your routine can work wonders, turning your hair’s texture from ‘okay’ to ‘oh wow!’ Smoothing down those hair shafts gifts you touchably soft and silky hair that feels as good as it looks.

Prolongs hair color and maintains pH balance

Whether your hair is au naturale or chemically-coloured, conditioners have color guards that can also maintain a balanced scalp pH level, this formulation can extend the longevity of your hair color and promote a healthier hair environment.

A woman with colored hair brushing her hair to the side with her fingers.

Prevents split ends and hair fall

One of many hair issues that Filipinos face are split ends and hair fall. It can be quite frustrating and ensuring you have proper haircare products can make these problems go away. The Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner has a Break-Shield Complex that can make brittle hair 10 times stronger and prevent hair fall.

Ideally for longer hair, the Hair Fall Defense Conditioner ensures that your hair is protected from root to tip.

Reveals a shinier and easy-to-style hair

It’s been known that conditioners can give you shinier hair. This transformation and the ease of managing your tresses can make the styling process, reducing friction and breakage to spruce up new hairstyles effortlessly. Knowing you can try on different trendy styles can really boost your confidence.

Enhances the hair’s natural body

Ditch flat and lifeless mane. With daily use of a trusted conditioner, you can enhance your hair’s natural body and movement. Imagine glossy and bouncy locks that are full of life within reach and without breaking the bank.

Infused with science and style, the all-new Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioner now comes with 30 percent more fill so that you can fully maximize your daily conditioning routine. With a revamp in your hair care regimen, you can feel confident in a variety of hairstyles, giving your tresses the love they deserve.

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