11 Items You Should Be Buying From The Men's Section For Yourself

11 Items You Should Be Buying From The Men's Section For Yourself


Time to head straight to the men’s section the next time you shop!

The men’s section has a lot of gems we, ladies, overlook. From the perfect button down to oversized everything, it’s simply a joy to shop in this part of any boutique or department store. And if you haven’t tried doing this yet, you might want to skip the new ladies collection for trusty apparel for men. But worry not because we know exactly what you should look for in that unfamiliar abyss. Here are 11 items you would want to check out from the men’s department:

Basic Tees

Photo from Vanessa Jackman

Your shirt doesn’t always have to fit right to your skin. This basic item that should be in your closet can literally be paired with anything. Elevate it with a midi skirt or an A-line skirt and no one would have guessed it’s from the men’s department.


Photo from @babba.c on Instagram

A simple button-down can change any outfit. Layer it over shirts, use it as a dress, or top it with a jumpsuit. But there’s nothing sexier than a crisp white button-down that shows a little bit of your skin!

Flannel Shirts

Photo from Getty Images

Just like button downs, flannel shirts will be your best friend when it comes to layering clothes. It’s light and comfy. Not to mention, it can keep you really warm in gloomy weather. And it it’s too hot, let it wrap around your waist for accent.


Oversized Sweater MEGAStyle
Photo from Who What Wear

Speaking of staying warm… you better be looking for your new sweater in the men’s section. Also applying to hoodies, oversized sweaters are cute and really cozy. Plus, who doesn’t want those adorable sweater paws!

Tuxedo Blazers

Oversized Tuxedo Suit Blazer MEGAStyle
Photo from Grandslam

There is something really classy about a man’s tuxedo blazer. The straight cuts and wide shoulders instantly elevate any outfit. Top it over jeans and a shirt, or challenge your feminine outfit with one!

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jacket MEGAStyle
Photo from Style Du Monde

While the Pink Ladies really rocked their bomber jackets on Grease, a lot of ladies’ bomber jackets can be a little too small for comfort. So if you want something bigger, warmer, and if you’re possibly aiming for the complete boyfriend look, let’s head straight to men’s section. Stat!

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans MEGAStyle
Photo from Who What Wear

Real boyfriend jeans will give you the real girlfriend vibes. So skip the “boyfriend cut” label and go for real jeans your boyfriend would actually buy!


Oversized Sweatpants MEGAStyle
Photo from @devonleecarlson on Instagram

Men’s sweatpants are simply light and comfy. It’s something you would want to wear every day! So for lazy days and Sundays, these sweatpants will definitely be your lifesavers.


Sneakers MEGAStyle
Photo by @double3xposure on Instagram

Some women have a hard time getting their sizes in the ladies’ section. Some are too small, and some are too big. If your feet are on the bigger side of the spectrum, the men’s section should definitely be your go-to.

Duffle Bags

Duffle Bag Weekend Bag Overnight Bag MEGAStyle
Photo from @songofstyle on Instagram

Going on a weekend trip? Sometimes the bags in our closet just don’t fit our overnight needs. While luggage can be too big for packing, duffle bags might be exactly what you need. Find the most reliable ones in the men’s section. I promise you won’t regret it.

Wrist Watch

Men's Wrist Watch MEGAStyle
Photo from Getty Images

A man’s wristwatch can be intimidating to many. But if you’re going for the powerful look and extremely reliable features (that apparently are not always available in ladies’ wrist watch for some reasons), it’s time to check the men’s section. It’s chic, sexy, and totally classy.

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