12 Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Drag

12 Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Drag


It’s almost Halloween! Don’t have a costume yet? Are you out of time? Are you out of ideas? We gotchu, sis!

The unofficial Christmas of the LGBTQIA+ community that’s seen the birth of many drag personas is upon us. Halloween gives people—queer or not—the unbelievable confidence and the audacious motivation to step outside the comfort zone through our Halloween costumes. It’s an empowering holiday for everyone to unleash a different side of themselves with creativity and unadulterated fun. 

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Halloween party posters have been popping up on our social media feeds these past few weeks. Don’t worry if you’re still pondering your Halloween costume this year; we’ve listed 12 easy-to-make costume ideas from the Drag Race universe.

Drag Race costumes

Lala Ri’s Paper Bag Runway Look

What you need: Tiny paper bags—we’re pretty sure you have them lying around the house—that you will hot glue on a black swimsuit or underwear.

Jiggly Caliente’s Post-apocalyptic Runway Look

What you need: Rolls of aluminum foil that you will turn into a skirt. Incorporate other distressed materials and tattered fabric. The amputated limb is an essential accessory to complete the look.

Monét X Change’s Sponge Runway Look

What you need: A yellow dress and as many sponges as you can buy. You may use small foam balls as a fascinator to add that bubble touch.


Alaska’s Trash Bag Entrance Look

What you need: Trash bags for the gown and massive ribbon, and black opera gloves.

Willow Pill’s Entrance Look

What you need: Run to the nearest ukay-ukay or fast fashion brand to shop for these basic, easy-to-find items, then spray paint “Angle” on your top.

Trixie Mattel’s Signature Makeup

What you need: Your phone to watch makeup tutorials. This could go either very good or bad, but don’t settle for the middle.

Halloween costumes inspired by drag queens

Gigi Era’s Tiyanak Runway Look

What you need: A white shower cap, an adult diaper, and a plain white pillowcase with ruffles. Put them all together and shower with fake blood. Pray that RuPaul’s Glamazon will play at your chosen Halloween party so you can have a moment.

Hana Beshie’s Noodle Runway Look

What you need: Lots of yellow yarn, glue, and patience!

NAIA’s Basketball Look

What you need: Red basketball shorts and a jersey. Paminta swagger is a must, so good luck! Practice in front of the mirror!

Minty Fresh’s Basahan Runway Look

What you need: Hot glue, rugs or door mats, a large belt, black opera gloves, yellow tights, and the freshest beauty.

ØV CÜNT at Untucked

What you need: Any undergarment will do, then roll around in the dirt.


What you need: Connections to designer friends. Couture is optional.

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