12 Global Artisans Do a Creative Makeover of This Iconic Luxury Bag

12 Global Artisans Do a Creative Makeover of This Iconic Luxury Bag


The Lady Dior handbag is reimagined in the eighth edition of Dior’s Lady Art project, which takes on modern interpretations of global artists

Evolution is constant, and the House of Dior showcases its knack for reinvention through the Lady Art project. The Lady Dior handbag has evolved over the years, maintaining a steadfast connection to its origins. It serves as a living tribute to the enduring legacy of Christian Dior, undergoing thoughtful reimagination to captivate new generations. In its eighth edition, this project echoes Christian Dior’s lucky number and pays homage to the Lady Dior bag, enlisting twelve artists to give their modern spin to this iconic accessory.

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Ludovic Nkoth
Jeffrey Gibson

The design, characterized by a blend of modernity and elegance, reflects Dior’s signature style, featuring architectural lines and a distinctive cannage pattern. Artists such as Mircea Cantor, Jeffrey Gibson, Gilbert & George, Ha Chong-Hyun, Lee Kun-Yong, Mariko Mori, Ludovic Nkoth, Hilary Pecis, Mickalene Thomas, Zadie Xa, Michaela Yearwood-Dan, and Xu Zhen contribute to this collective effort. Each artist, with their individual style, aims to honor the Lady Dior’s heritage while imbuing it with their artistic vision.

Lee Kun-Yong
Gilbert and George

Ha Chong-Hyun brings his iconic paintings to life on four Lady Dior bags, where these creations each stand as a mesmerizing play of nuances and materials, richly textured to delight the senses. Mircea Cantor incorporates leather ropes that twist and turn, creating a solar geometry that unravels before your eyes. Lee Kun-Yong draws inspiration from his ‘Bodyscape’ series and presents four reinvented pieces that embrace organic shapes where the fusion of paint and velvet breathes life into these creations. 

Ha Chong-Hyun
Hilary Pecis

Mickalane Thomas breathes vitality into her Lady Dior bags, challenging conventions and celebrating individuality through vibrant collages and paintings that eloquently articulate messages of empowerment and self-expression. Hilary Pecis invites us on a sentimental journey, meticulously recreating her grandmother’s jewelry box with beads, stones, and sequins, paying homage to nostalgia and infusing her Lady Dior bag with a poignant touch of personal history. Michaela Yearwood-Dan unveils a reborn bag celebrating individuality through striking abstract landscapes, bridging the past and present.

Mariko Mori
Michaela Yearwood-Dan

The Lady Dior undergoes a subtle transformation in the hands of these artists, becoming a symbol of creativity and poetic expression. This collaboration serves as an intersection between the House and diverse global cultures, allowing various artistic techniques and craftsmanship marked by innovation. Every detail, thought out with precision, blends fantasy and reality.

Mircea Cantor
Mickalane Thomas

Through the combined prism of imagination and exceptional savoir-faire, the Lady Art project exceeds the limits of excellence, becoming an encounter between Dior and the world’s cultures through global artisans with distinct styles and unique stories.

Xu Zhen
Zadie Xa

Photos and Featured Image: DIOR

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