13 Things You Need To Do Alone At Least Once

13 Things You Need To Do Alone At Least Once


To be alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. And while it’s fun to do things with your family, peers, and other people, it’s also fun to explore many other activities on your own. Time to give yourself a sense of freedom and independence with stuff you should try to do on your own.
We put together a list of activities that will instantly make you feel independent and empowered. Ready to explore the world? Check out our list below:

1. Travel

Travel Alone
Get on your hiking boots or put on your favorite swimsuit. Go local or international. The possibilities are endless and there’s so much to be explored!

2. Dine out

Intimidating at first but it always feels nice to say “table for one, please” while enjoying a favorite dish or letting your taste pallette go wild with new flavors.

3. Go to a museum

Some museums are free and others don’t cost a lot. Appreciate art or learn about history in this meaningful activity.

4. See a movie

Cry, laugh, or scream—grab some popcorn (or nachos) as you watch a new movie in the cinemas. Pros? No talkative friend asking you what’s happening while you’re deep in thought about the story.

5. Learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby

Take a class or learn at the comfort of your own home. It’s always fun to explore your handy-man skills or maybe Picasso your walls down with paint.

6. Hit the mall

Shop or window shop. Play with cosmetics or check out new kitchenware! The mall can be more fun than you actually thought it would be.

7. Work out

You can hit the gym or maybe try some new yoga techniques. Get that #FitnessGoals all by yourself.

8. Party out

Meet new people or just go crazy on the dancefloor but remember to drink responsibly and to stay safe!

9. Detox

Social media detox, body detox, or maybe… fake friend detox?

10. Volunteer


Give back with a little good deed. It feels good, I promise.

11. Watch a concert

Rock out at the moshpit and sing your heart out. Remember to keep your phone in your pocket and just enjoy the moment.

12. Spend your birthday

It’d be fun to hang out with your friends or spend it with your family but some me time wouldn’t hurt.

13. Do a random act of kindness

Help out someone in need or give food to the homeless. Any random act of kindness would make you feel instantly light and happy. You’ll later find yourself doing this more often as time goes.

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