2023 Metro Manila Film Festival Movies You Can Watch Back-to-Back

2023 Metro Manila Film Festival Movies You Can Watch Back-to-Back


With 10 movie entries at this year’s MMFF, here’s how you can take the festival two films at a time

The 25th of December is near, and this means another Filipino film tradition is happening again—the Metro Manila Film Festival. Take this as a sign to convince your family and friends to definitely see the lineup, but with 10 films on the roster this 2023, here’s how you can tick off your MMFF list two at a time. MEGA Entertainment gives you the pairings that you can try watching one after the other for a complete movie experience. 

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Family of Two and When I Met You In Tokyo

If you are planning to watch the MMFF with older family members, Family of Two and When I Met You In Tokyo should be at the top of your list. The former stars Mega Star Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards, while the latter is top billed by Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos and veteran actor Christopher De Leon.

Based on the trailers, both of these films tackle found love in the latter part of their lives, and how a family can play a big impact on one’s decisions. 

Mallari and Rewind

How does time change the way you love? This is the question that both Mallari and Rewind beg to ask. At first glance, these two films may have nothing in common. A horror film and magic realism family drama? Well, think again. Or better, watch them back-to-back. The trailer of Rewind already gives us the premise of time traveling, but it leaves its audience with a question on what happens when time is up.

For Mallari, did you notice how Piolo Pascual is playing three roles in one film? If that doesn’t leave you curious enough, maybe this one will. What motivates a priest to kill 57 reported victims? The movie’s story is also loosely based on true events, so better hold onto your seats for this horror-thriller combo. 

Firefly and Becky & Badette

Besides stories about families, plots that revolve around friendships can tug our hearts, too. Although Firefly is mainly about a kid’s journey to find the land his mother told him about, he had also built a bond with the people he had with him in his journey. It is also worth mentioning that in this MMFF film, we can remind ourselves that nature is indeed our friend, too. 

On the other hand, Becky and Badette tells the tale of two best friends starring comedy veterans Eugene Domingo and Pokwang. Based on the film’s visuals, it is also reminiscent of our early comedy stories with a campy vibe. After reflecting on their lives because of one bad reunion, the two found a way to twist things around. The question is, how will their friendship turn out after the past and future affect their present time? 

Kampon and Broken Hearts Trip

While others find comfort in films that have common themes, why not try watching two stark movies back-to-back? First, feel that adrenaline rush with the fear Kampon has to offer.

Then, follow it up with an equal parts hilarious and healing story, courtesy of Broken Hearts Trip. This would be a good way to tame your terrified self and feel lighter after two hours worth of fear.

GomBurZa and Penduko

Wanting to end the year with some lessons on our history and culture? You can go from nonfiction to fictional heroes with GomBurZa then Penduko, respectively. This pair is good for children who we want to be acquainted with our past, but also for their adult companions looking for drama, action, and a little bit of suspense on the side. 

What’s good about making a back-to-back watch party with these is that GomBurZa focuses on the actual, historical events. Meanwhile, Penduko is bringing the classic fictional Filipino tale in the modern world of technology. 

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