2024’s Must-Keep and Must-Ditch Menswear Trends, According to Filipino Content Creators

2024’s Must-Keep and Must-Ditch Menswear Trends, According to Filipino Content Creators


This year, the men’s fashion game turned into a style rollercoaster, with fads like the suave old-money aesthetic and the epic return of the Canadian tuxedo making waves. While some stuck around, others pulled a disappearing act. For a refresher, MEGA Man talks to three trendsetters in men’s style to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Get in on the action and see if your style radar syncs with theirs for the menswear trends of 2023.

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Jeff Ong 

Filipino Content Creators Dish on 2024's Must-Keep and Must-Ditch Menswear Trends - Jeff Ong
Photo: JEFF ONG (via Instagram)

To keep: Jeff spills the beans on the must-haves for his style playbook—it’s all about jorts and metallic stuff. “Jorts are a classic staple of your closet that you can mix and match with different vibe. Metallic colors or accessories can be a strong accent and highlight to your outfits,” he explains. 

To ditch: The crochet pieces. Jeff’s giving the trend a pass for next year. Why? He breaks it down, labeling crochet as a one-hit wonder. According to him, it’s a statement piece that is a bit tricky to incorporate with various looks.

Lharbs Policarpio

Photo: LHARBY POLICARPIO (via Instagram)

To keep: The style influencer is all about keeping the men’s purse trend in the fashion mix. Without a doubt, this year showcased various brands embracing this movement, integrating an array of purses into their collections. “It’s such a good accessory to any outfit. Men can wear purses, too!” the content creator expresses. 

To ditch: Lharby cuts to the chase—the Air Jordans trend is on his “out” list. He keeps it short, pointing out a sense of laziness with this fad that doesn’t align with his fashion preferences.

Justin Bangsil 

Photo: JUSTIN BANGSIL (via Instagram)

To keep: For content creator Justin Bangsil, the style forecast from this year to the next is all about cropped boxy jackets and button-up shirts. His reason? They’re the secrets to a killer outfit, making him stand taller and look just right. 

To ditch: Others might dig the bloke core trend, but Justin’s stepping away. While he holds nothing against those who choose to flaunt this aesthetic next year, he’s making it clear that it’s not his personal style preference, explaining that the vibrant and colorful nature of bloke core simply doesn’t match with his wardrobe choices.

Featured Image: LHARBY POLICARPIO (via Instagram)

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