We Suspect An Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Comeback Project

We Suspect An Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Comeback Project


Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards just gave their fans the ultimate tease with their newest promotional video for a phone brand.

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Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards went viral on Tiktok with over 10 million views for their promotional video with vivo Philippines created by video company, 7640. After which, many fans have been digging up news on a possible comeback of both Alden and Maine on the big screen. We’ve heard news about a new movie, Instagram stories of a possible taping, and information from Vice Ganda and Johnny Manahan about the two’s lasting star power.

Both Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, have been under the spotlight for more than 5 years now. They started out in the famed show, Eat Bulaga, as a duo for a special TV segment per airing. After which, the two joined forces to create the highly successful AlDub love team. Now, they are taking time to grow in the own respective fields. Since then, Maine has continued to be a host in Eat Bulaga and Alden has starred in movies, such as Hello, Love, Goodbye. Maine is currently happily in a relationship with Arjo Atayde. Although, it’s been speculated the two will comeback to do more projects together in 2022. Here are all the reasons why you should expect it to happen soon.

1. vivo’s promotional video on Tiktok
This one really takes the cake! Everything was hearsay before Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza appeared in a promotional video together for vivo Philippines. They haven’t done any projects together since they both decided to focus on their individual careers, so this is a big deal. Video production company, 7640, was even able to capture all their glamorous looks together.


We’re ready to vlog with style with vivo V23 Series 5G! Watch the grand launch this Feb. 12, 2022!

♬ original sound – vivo_philippines

2. Talks of a new project
The two are definitely in good terms and have worked with together in Eat Bulaga for multiple occasions. They may not be together on screen for movies, but they’re still working as co-hosts. We’ve also heard speculations of the two possibly filming something new together. Was it for the vivo campaign or a different campaign altogether?

3. Vice Ganda and Johnny Manahan’s trust in the tandem
Vice Ganda has said many times during It’s Showtime that he has always wanted to do a movie with both Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. Aside from this, Johnny Manahan has also spoken out about the star power of the two saying, “I can tell you ‘yung mga executives nataranta sa success ni Maine, ni Alden. Nag-panic sila. ‘Wala ba tayong ganyan?” Now that Mr. M has joined GMA, we’re definitely speculating a new movie involving the two.

Disclaimer: We are exclusively talking about Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards return on the big screen. We respect and support each of their personal lives. This article is solely based on future projects of their tandem.

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