3 Designer Sunglasses We’re Lusting Over Right Now

3 Designer Sunglasses We’re Lusting Over Right Now


While sunglasses are spring and summer staples, fashion week recently proved to us that eyewear is never seasonal. And since there are only a few weeks left before the advent of the cold season, there’s really no reason not to get a pair of sunnies that’s perfect for the holidays. From a bold oversized printed sunnies to a classy translucent lenses, here are three designer sunglasses we’re lusting over.

Dior Sunglasses


The great thing about Dior’s blackout lenses are its natural alluring aura. With its enigmatic effect towards people, it effortlessly allows you to take command of everyone’s attention upon entering a room. Given its monochrome silver mirrored wraparound style, Dior’s Color Quake 1 successfully creates a confident look with attitude.

Max Mara

A Cat-Eye shape is undeniably a classic for sunglasses. But this season, Max Mara was able to elevate the timeless style with bold, feminine design inspired by the late 80s Punk. With its acetate frame, it is one of the perfect eyewear for the cold season.


The energy of this Fendi Cut-Eye sunglasses radiates a sophisticatedly assertive aura. Given its chic geometric design, this eyewear is suited for any classic outfit or futuristic look. Made of lightweight silver-finish metal, the innovative construction of the lenses was impeccably accentuated by a combination of pastel blue and brown tints.

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