3 Different Kinds of Environmental Organizations to Join in 2024

3 Different Kinds of Environmental Organizations to Join in 2024


It’s World Earth Day! In demonstrating support for environmental protection, here are three places where you can volunteer.

A small change can generate a big difference when groups of people come together to initiate, facilitate, and execute activities that are worth spending time, energy, and effort for. Volunteering for environmental causes takes you one step further into becoming a green warrior, to fuel a beginning or continual passion, and to meet like-minded people who you can connect with on that level. To forward your pursuit of environmental change, here are three green teams you can join—if you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, a social butterfly, or someone who wants to start to leave a good footprint on the earth we’re living in—these are a good fit for you.

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Join communities of people who share the same passion as you in making efforts for our environment

1. World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines

For Earth Hour 2024 last month, WWF-Philippines organized a live countdown and initiative event at the Kartilya ng Katipunan with music ambassador Pablo of SB19

In the frontlines to stop and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment, WWF-Philippines works to address sustainable consumption, to protect, preserve, and restore habitats all over the country where nature thrives, to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and accelerate the nation’s switch to renewable energy sources, and ensure the sustainable production of food for all Filipinos. WWF-Philippines’ marketing partnerships support the organization’s wildlife conservation efforts with every purchase, so you can already make a difference by ordering from Teetalk.ph, Bergel, UNICA, JIM Weaver Designs, Thermos, and Klaypel. Other ways you can help: make a small or big donation, symbolically adopt a species to combat illegal wildlife trade, support or start your own fundraiser with your family and friends, join events such as the Earth Hour Virtual Run which extends up until May 1, or visit their booths to learn more and be part of their movement. They are also currently hiring, so check out this list for job vacancies.

One of WWF-Philippines’ programs is food safety trainings to combat tuna post-harvest loss; the initiative drives proper handling of sustainably caught tuna to lower the number of tuna being wasted, help the tuna fishers earn more from every catch, and keep us worry-free when eating tuna sashimi

2. Save Philippine Seas

Shark Conservation Week in 2023 showed the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragonboat Federation and the third generation fisherfolk’s group Baywalk Bangka Association engaging in a fluvial parade at Manila Bay 

Save Philippine Seas is a non-profit organization that operates for the love of our rich marine biodiversity. It intends to empower ‘seatizens’ for group action and behavior change in order to safeguard and protect our coastal and marine resources. Their work on environmental education, waste management, and shark conservation will never not need extra hands and help—you can choose to donate or volunteer to support and be part of their campaigns.

In 2022, Save Philippine Seas led site visits to the Palauig Solar Farm and Sambali Beach Farm for group activities, reef-lection sessions, leadership workshops, and other youth-led and community-based projects

Currently, they’re on the look out for researchers, writers, bloggers, graphic designers, and illustrators. Their fieldwork are opportunities that demand specialized skill sets among their internal network, so begin your journey and send your CV and sample works to [email protected]. You can also download their toolkits and infographics to learn more about their cause, or take action by helping save our seas from plastic pollution with the Seas the Day tote bag available in all The Marketplace branches nationwide until May 13, 2024.

3. Haribon Foundation

Haribon’s forest restoration program is a community-based project that involves planting native tree and fruit nurseries whilst providing livelihood to residents nearby

“Anyone can help protect Philippine ecosystems. No special skills, strict requirements, or grand gestures needed!”—is Haribon Foundation’s gracious reminder that even little things count toward the conservation of the environment. Their mission is to conserve sites and habitats, save species, encourage and promote sustainability, and to empower people to be biodiversity champions. You can become a partner in conservation by donating; becoming a member which grants you enriching hands-on experiences, educational materials, a nurturing network of experts, scientists, and mentors, and volunteer opportunities and events; or by signing up for responsible adventures with Haribon.

Haribon Foundation’s coastal clean-up initiative for Earth Day 2024

For Earth Day, the organization, members, volunteers, and affiliate members from Manila Central University swept the shores of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park to collect 380+kg of waste. Contribute in small ways by learning, then be part of and connect with people with a love for the environment we rely on and live in.

Photos and Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES, WWF-PHILIPPINES MATIKAS SANTOS, JONAH KAYGUAN (Via Facebook), SAVE PHILIPPINE SEAS, Haribon Foundation (Via Instagram)

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