3 Filipino Brands That Use Traditional Weave Patterns in Modern Clothing

3 Filipino Brands That Use Traditional Weave Patterns in Modern Clothing


Filipino craftsmanship takes center stage with these three local brands, igniting an era in fashion where tradition and modernity meet

The art of weaving is laborious and difficult to master but perfectly encapsulates the diligence, skill, and tenacity of the Filipino artisan. They craft handwoven pieces that are a seamless combination of style, class, and local essence. Three brands proudly showcase the talent and intricate work of Filipino weavers, and what they produce can be your next wear.

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Traditional weave patterns add a unique feature to evening gowns

1. Karimadon

Karimadon carries an extensive selection of elegant dresses ideal for special occasions. Most recently, their collaboration with the Malingkat community in Mindanao marks a significant moment in the brand’s history as it signifies their commitment to Filipino talent. The New Weave four-piece collection incorporates the rich heritage of the Yakan tribe into its designs without compromising Karimadon’s signature style. Embi Nicolas, the designer, shared that the names of the designs Diwa, Dalisay, Mutya, and Tala were taken from Filipino words “that best define Filipino women.” She also shared that the colors are carefully chosen: “They are truly a combination of earth and feminine hues. These are what best embody the Yakan Tribe and Karimadon.”

Karimadon’s Dalisay and Diwa from the New Weave collection

2. Kaayo

Kaayo, created by a mother-daughter team Mary Ann “Baby” Montemayor and Margarita Nograles, honors Mindanao and brings Mindanao to the world.” With a partnership that provides sustainable livelihood to women, this brand offers a selection of pieces perfect for the everyday, for business, for events. Jackets, swimwear, coordinates, sportswear—your next OOTD is in Kaayo. The brand, while bringing fabrics, textiles, and communities together, infuses each of their pieces with a rich cultural narrative and integrates a unique Filipino style into them.

Margarita Nograles stuns in one of her handwoven and embroidered pieces
Mindanao-embroidered and handwoven swimwear, perfect for the summer

3. Masabel Iloco

Masabel began as an advocacy to revive the dying art of weaving in the Ilocos provinces. The brand provides a selection of pieces that embody a distinct charm of the Ilocano story and reflects the artisan’s genuine hand craftsmanship. The weavers use manual techniques on looms to produce unique and sturdy patterns to make apparel, bags, and other accessories perfect for the everyday Filipina. Shop dresses, vests, Filipinianas, blazers, bomber and denim jackets, and even customize your own Masabel clothing.

For a Filipino casual, this denim jacket is made with abel weave designs on the collar, pockets, and cuffs
The handwoven pockets stand out in this modern bomber jacket that’s perfect for a casual ensemble


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