3 Foolproof Habits Girls Are Adding In Their Beauty Regimen

3 Foolproof Habits Girls Are Adding In Their Beauty Regimen


Without a doubt, skincare in the 21st century has evolved to many breakthrough routines and products; need we say 12-step Korean routines and no-surgery skin treatments? But for the girls who like their beauty regimen quick and simple, naturally clear skin is achievable with the right everyday habits (Yas!). By cleaning up our act and really listening to our bodies, we can reap the fruits of our hard work with a glowing complexion (with no makeup required!).
Perfecting the most basic skincare routine paired with a healthy diet guarantees a major glow up for the year to come (trust us on this!). Know your routine by heart and take the process further with the best products from Nuxe.

1. Begin with a clean slate
Begin your 21-day habit with a clean face before bed every night. Clean off dirt, grime, and leftover makeup using micellar water and a fresh cotton pad. Plus points if you get a product that has rose petal extract—a key ingredient that purifies and softens skin overnight. Our newest favorite is the Nuxe Rose Petal Micellar Cleansing Water.

2. Choose the right moisturizer.

Knowing the right products for your skin isn’t always easy the first time. It is a constant trial and error process until you find the best mix of creams and moisturizers that will last you a lifetime. Narrow down the choices with a moisturizer that adjusts to your skin type while reaping the same benefits of botanical milk and algae extracts. Girls with combination skin can rest easy with the Nuxe Moisture Crème Fraîche de beauté 48HR Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid, a product that leaves skin fresh and shine-free through the essence of rice powder. Ladies with normal skin type, can enjoy a soft and supple finish after using the Nuxe Crème Fraîche de beauté 48HR Moisturizing Cream, a buttery formula that comes in Petitgrain, Orange Blossom and Cedar scents.

3. Maximize your masks.

One of the simple joys that comes with staying-in, is unwinding with a good mask after a hard day’s work. Look no further for an all skin type-friendly mask that quenches tired and dull skin without the uncomfy tightening feel of other face masks. Use the Nuxe Crème Fraîche de beauté 48HR Moisture SOS Rescue a gentle face mask that refreshes your skin after long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen.
Nuxe is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and available at Beauty Bar, Rustan’s and Landmark Department Stores.

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