3 High Maintenance Habits To Help You Look Low Maintenance

3 High Maintenance Habits To Help You Look Low Maintenance


From skin treatments to physical exercises, we listed down three high maintenance habits you can do to make yourself look low maintenance

Ever wondered how other girls look like they’ve got their priorities together? They have their laptop in their handbag, hair looking like it’s fresh from the salon, and their face is free from any signs of stress. We won’t blame you if you went down the rabbit hole of wanting to know their routine, but let’s face it, achieving that aesthetic is an investment. With that being said, we’re giving you a little peek as to how these girls achieve that low maintenance vibe with these high maintenance activities. 

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When it comes to working out, we have seen the switch from intense drills, to low-impact sessions. An example of this would be the high interest towards Pilates because it targets core strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance—all of which can improve your overall health. If you think you can hop on the exercise, check out OneLife Studio and their packages if you’re a starter. 

Photo: ONELIFE STUDIO (via Instagram)

Skin booster treatments

We mentioned how their faces look like there aren’t any traces of stress, and you’re going to have to credit the clinics they go to. One clinic we’ll be recommending is Hernel Korean Aesthetic Clinic because they offer a range of skin booster treatments, and other services. The process of it all is quite personal and custom since each client will undergo a skin analysis, so they can target your skin concerns with the suggested treatment. After going through all that, best believe you’ll end up looking like you’re ready for your own K-Drama series. 


Hair color touch ups

When it comes to looking put together, a major factor to it is how you maintain your hair. It all boils down to your chosen hair products, and how you style them to avoid a damaged outcome. But if you’ve got those checked out already, going to a salon for hair color touch ups to avoid your roots showing is your next step to make sure it looks healthy and thriving. Look through Parlon PH if you’re on the hunt for new salon options. 

Photo: ULO STUDIO (via Instagram)

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