3 Holiday-Inspired Caffeine Treats That You Need to Have on Your Radar

3 Holiday-Inspired Caffeine Treats That You Need to Have on Your Radar


The holiday season is definitely here, and Pickup Coffee prepared three treats you can enjoy this December

When a month has a special motif, it’s no surprise that most products are released to match the season. It is known that December is one of the most anticipated months because we are offered various drinks, food, and goodies that we can only get for a limited time. With that being said, Pickup Coffee has released their holiday line, alongside a few more surprises that everyone would want to have. 

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Pick-Up Coffee

Slurp the Christmas classics

For this year, two holiday drinks make their return to the menu and these are the Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Dark Mocha—one for the toasted drink lovers and the other for mint-flavored loyalists. Not only that, but they also introduced a new drink that will intrigue many coffee fans, and that is their Sea Salt Chocolate Marshmallow. It’s the beverage that combines the warmth of hot chocolate with sea salt mousse and marshmallows—a classic Christmas drink with a twist. 

holiday drinks

Plan with Pickup

The coffee brand also welcomed their first ever planner designed for those who are constantly on-the-go, which definitely ties up with their grab-and-go customers. And unlike other planners, they intentionally forgo the months so you can fill it up freely. A detail worth mentioning is that they closely collaborated with nine local artists to design the spreads on the planner.

pick-up coffee planner

Drink with points

Before you get the planner, you’re going to have to earn your way to get it by simply drinking their beverages. Luckily, the card is free and it has 8 stamps also for free once you activate your Pickup Coffee Club card, which means you only have 22 drinks to go. Once you complete 30 stamps, you can redeem your planner and plan your 2024 ahead with Pickup Coffee.

pick-up coffee card


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