3 Lessons To Learn From Isabelle And Ava Daza’s New Sexual Wellness Brand And Podcast

3 Lessons To Learn From Isabelle And Ava Daza’s New Sexual Wellness Brand And Podcast


Isabelle and Ava Daza are sending out a powerful, pleasure-positive message by launching their very own sexual wellness brand.

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What is sexual wellness? If you’re not entirely sure, you’re probably not alone. In the Philippines, anything that is connected to “sex” has always been told in a hushed manner or worse, avoided completely. To give you a clearer understanding of the topic, sexual wellness isn’t only about the physical act. It also considers the quality of our relationships, how we feel in our skin, how connected we are with our sexuality­–it is related to our emotional, physical and relational well-being. It’s a concept that has yet to nestle into our mainstream consciousness but a duo that’s leading a positive and healthy approach to it is none other than the Daza sisters, Isabelle and Ava. 

From topics such as mindfulness to adult play, The Sexytime Podcast hosted by the sisters is taking out the shame and guilt around sex talk and making it more accessible. Here are 3 lessons to learn from it:

1. Always practice F.R.I.E.S

In their episode dedicated on the act of consent, the Daza sisters talk to Amina Swanepoel of Roots of Health to give a clear guide on what it means and how one can practice it in every relationship. Whether for hookups or married couples, Swanepoel says going back to the acronym F.R.I.E.S can help remind us what consent should look like. They explain the acronym as such: 

  • Freely given: Any sexual act should be done without pressure, force, manipulation, or while drunk or high.
  • Reversible: Consent can be given and taken away even if you’ve done it before or are in the middle of having sex.
  • Informed: Honesty is the best policy. For example, if someone says they’ll use a condom and then they don’t, that’s not consent.
  • Enthusiastic: Look for the enthusiastic “yes” which puts the fun back into the act. 
  • Specific. Saying yes to one thing such as having vaginal intercourse doesn’t mean they’ve said yes to others like oral sex.

2. Virginity does not define a person

Belle and Ava talk to Ana P. Santos, sexual health advocate, founder of SexandSensibilities.com and multimedia journalist on why the language around virginity should change. Santos says that virginity has always been equated to a woman’s worth such as terms like “losing your virginity”, “taking away her virginity” and “popped her cherry”. By changing the manner we speak about it, we can change the concept around virginity into something that two partners consent into doing. “Virginity is on a personal basis and only you can define it for you,” she explains. “It’s not a way to gauge someone’s sense of morality, worth or character.”

3. Take control of your own pleasure

Sex and Relationship Therapist Dr. Rica Cruz comes on the podcast to discuss all the benefits of using lube in the bedroom and why it shouldn’t hurt anyone’s ego. There’s no such thing as a specific lube user. It can and is used by all, the Daza sisters and Dr. Cruz affirms in the podcast. Regardless of gender, age and sexuality, with or without a partner, lube reduces friction, so it lessens your risk of injury during sex and simply enhances the experience. “Lube is a tool that can help the both of you,” Dr. Cruz advises. “You have to take control of your own pleasure and lube is one way to help you enjoy that sexual encounter.”

With this said, Isabelle and Ava Daza are proving that sexual energy and creativity go hand in hand by launching “Jellytime”, their very own sexual wellness brand. Their first product is an all-natural personal lubricant that comes in a tastefully-designed and minimalist packaging that you can proudly leave on your nightstand. 

It’s also PH-balanced, hypoallergenic, vegan, plant-based, silicone-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and FDA-approved. It lends slip without the stickiness and is even made with hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and help with inflammation. 

By following an ethos of “everybody and every body deserves pleasure,” the Daza women are set on creating a safe space around sex and pleasure in the country. 

Jellytime is now available on itsjellytime.com, Lazada and Shoppee. To stay updated with their new sexual wellness brand, follow them on Instagram.

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