3 Lightweight Sunscreens For People Who Hate Sunscreen

3 Lightweight Sunscreens For People Who Hate Sunscreen


Ah, summertime. With the beach trips and downtime by the pool to look forward to, it can get easy to forget about applying and re-applying sunscreen on our faces. For those of us who hate its sticky feeling, it can be even harder. But since the sun’s rays are the harshest this season, SPF is a must.
Don’t fret–we’ve found a solution for you. Here are 3 of our favorite lightweight sunscreens that don’t feel like sunscreen at all!

1. HAPPY SKIN Catch The Sun Brightening UV Gel Cream SPF40 (P999)

The first time I encountered this product, I was in love. First of all, it was the farthest thing from sticky, as it has a water-based gel cream for its formula. With an SPF of 40, it also provides enough protection to avoid sun spots and winkles in the long run. Trying it once will already prove to you that it’s comfortable enough to apply every day!

2. BELO SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 (P499)

On the go? This product promises minimal coverage and protects you against harmful UV rays all in one! With its Tone Adapt Technology, it almost instantly evens out your skin tone, conceals fine lines and prevents you from spots and premature aging.

3. NUXE Sun SPF50 Face (P1450)

While this cream is the heaviest of the three, it melts instantly on your face and is perfect for any skin type. With its high-protection, the product limits the appearance of the dark spots one might get when spending a lot of time under the sun. Did we mention that it smells great as well?

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