3 Local Brands That Create Unique Reworked Clothes

3 Local Brands That Create Unique Reworked Clothes


Cut, torn, and stitched back together, these local brands are breathing new life into fashion with reworked clothes.

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Sustainability is embodied by these three local brands that upcycle and repurpose fabric scraps into new creations, promoting zero-waste.


When Denise Ong started her career as a fashion designer studying at FIP Cebu, she already had the intention of keeping everything zero-waste. “As a fashion designer, I am very much aware of how much textile waste just one garment can produce. Being able to see trash bins at home and at school slowly overflow with fabric scraps is enough motivation to have a heart for zero waste,” she says. Because of this, she creates one of-a-kind pieces that not only reflect her sustainable method, but also the beauty of making something completely new. Ong continues to strive toprovide customers with guilt-free purchases that they can be proud of having. Separi Wear pieces also prides itself on being multi-wear and size-inclusive, with offerings that ranges from XXS to XXL. In the coming year, they intend ot use 100% organic raw materials and to bring more sustainable options for men.


For sisters Eunice Caronongan and Erikka San Miguel, the process of creation is always fun. That’s why this same joy is reflected on their pieces for Tagpi. This was all thanks to their mother brand Kanayun Collective and seeing all the scrap fabrics after production. What was initially intended to be a patchwork and color-blocking brand soon became bigger as Caronongan found other ways to manipulate fabrics. “As the brand name Tagpi suggests, the vision I had for the brand was to essentially mend fabric scraps together to make new, more unique pieces. Soon I was able to manipulate the fabric into curves and swirls, then into more definite shapes like sheep, flowers, and entire landscapes,” she shares. Not contented on resting on her innovations, Caronongan plans to to explore new designs and techniques to incorporate in the brand.


It seems like the future of fashion is in good hands as another young designer from Cebu is focusing on reworked and upcycled pieces. “Sanina, Bisaya for clothes, initially was intended for selling curated clothes. Soon enough we posted reworked pieces. Our customers were extremely supportive of our new offering. Eventually, the shop focused on solely offering unique and well thought of upcycled pieces. Amber Top and Lawom Art Pieces are definitely the crowd favorites,” shares Sar, the founder of the brand. Their unique pieces are all about color with dainty cuts, that’s why most of their pieces are always sold out.

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