3 New Ways To Have A Cup Of Coffee For The Rainy Days

3 New Ways To Have A Cup Of Coffee For The Rainy Days


A cup of coffee might be the pick me upper you need for the rainy days! Here are 3 new ways you can drink coffee.

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We all need a cup of coffee upon waking up in the morning. Obviously, it’s a great energy booster because of the caffeine, but it also has numerous health benefits. Aside from giving you an energy boost, it also promotes brain health, weight management, and can lower the risk of depression. That’s why taking a cup of coffee before starting your day can go a long way. The only problem is that we’ve exhausted most of the usual ways to have our coffee. We’ve tried the homemade Dalgona coffee, coffee shots, cold brew, and so much more over the quarantine. Now it’s time to try new coffee innovations as we approach the colder season ahead. Here are 3 new ways you can take your coffee.

Lyger Coffee – Crystalized Coffee
You can take your crystalized coffee packs anywhere you go. They come in cute portable mini cups that can be added into water at any temperature for an instant drink. This is best for road trips and early check ins at the office.

Pickup Coffee – On The Go Stores
After months of being found only in their cloud stores, Pickup coffee has now opened their very first physical store in BGC for on the go purchases. They offer specialty coffee in very affordable prices.

The Coffee Academics – Award Winning Flavors
How about drinking a cup of Joe that has gotten a few awards under their belt. The Coffee Academics gives you just that with the best blends from around the globe. They also have a great menu with Filipino fusion dishes.

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