3 Pro Athlete Tips From Enchong Dee On How To Stay Consistent

3 Pro Athlete Tips From Enchong Dee On How To Stay Consistent


“Consistency for me is king,” says Enchong Dee. The actor, model, and competitive swimmer reveals how he kept himself motivated physically and mentally at home.

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With the many versions of quarantine we continue to face, alongside other responsibilities and time constraints that are now part of the new normal, it’s hard to keep physically fit without it feeling like another burden on our to-do list. 

Pro-athletes such as Enchong Dee (who was also a De La Salle University Green Tanker and Philippine National Team swimming member) and they’ll say that consistency always leads to the best fitness results. “Cliché as it may sound, but suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion. Maybe not that intense but it’s true for me,” he says.

If you want to get back in shape but are unsure where to start or what to do, take a tip from Enchong who started his 2021 fitness journey from the inside out. From focusing on metabolism aid and weight management first then practicing the power of discipline he learned from his 15 years of athletic experience, here are Enchong’s 3 pro-athlete tips to stay consistently fit.

No Buts And No Excuses

We all make excuses—often more when it can get us out of a workout. I’m too busy on the weekdays. Weekdays are meant for rest. It’s raining. I don’t have the right equipment. Maybe next week. This is all okay sometimes, but if this remains to be a cycle then it’s time to end it. Sometimes these excuses aren’t clear decisions we make anymore, rather a default setting we go into when we’re faced with something challenging or new to us.

Start by scheduling your workout on a specific time and day. This will help you stick it out easier throughout the rest of the week. Next, find the specific spot at home that you can use solely to work out. “I found a comfortable spot in my house and I made sure that every 4:30 PM I would stop whatever I’m doing and start my stretching and then workout,” Enchong says. 

Avoid the bedroom or office when it comes to your workout spot because the stress from your job can demotivate you and the tempting thought of lying down will easily distract you. Think of it like you’re leaving your home to go to the gym—but the gym is just out in your front yard or in your garage.

Get In The Proper Mindset

Your fitness journey also starts in your head. If you want it to be a part of your life, place a long-term goal rather than trying to achieve the ideal beach bod for summer. “I never really gotten into those trends, for me that sounds superficial and temporary. If you’ve notice, I prefer being consistent with my weight, which means summer or not, I will stick to my healthy routine,” Enchong declares.

“Having a sexy sculpted body is easy but maintaining it is the challenge. I’ve seen colleagues having abs by March and being chunky by June, that’s a big no for me because you are compromising your internal health.”

Keep It Clean And Natural

As much as you are consistent with your exercise routine, the same effort must go into maintaining a healthy diet. For Enchong Dee, he gave up dairy, canned goods, junk food, processed meat, and sugary products. Instead, he substitutes it with vegan options that are healthier and taste better than animal products, “God gave us the best diet. Anything that grows from nature is the best.”

Sharing his experience of trying to get back on track for the new year, he also started taking Trizie’s Clean Fiber supplement to shed off the holiday weight. The Thai-wellness brand drink contains Psyllium Husk, Inulin Fiber, and Green Tea to facilitate regular detoxification to avoid unnecessary bloating. “I don’t allow myself to reason out when it comes to my health and that includes food intake,” he says. 

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself because a simple exercise routine is already a great start. “Even 1 hour of working out can give you so many benefits,” he shares. “We are actually so lucky because there are so many studies available online regarding health and wellness and it’s getting friendlier, meaning it’s not that strict.” So, go ahead and give yourself credit even for the small victories from holding a plank position for more than a minute or getting through another round push-ups. 

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