3 Reasons Why Charcoal Honey Face Mask Is Best For Dry & Reactive Skin

3 Reasons Why Charcoal Honey Face Mask Is Best For Dry & Reactive Skin


If you want clear skin but detoxing leaves it stripped of nutrients and moisture, fret no more. Origins has come up with a charcoal face mask that will address your skin concerns.

So, what makes this new Origins Clear Improvement mask powerful?

  1. It helps you achieve a flawless complexion because it still has the iconic and widely trusted charcoal formula known as the “black diamond” that draws out deep-dwelling, pore-clogging toxins and effectively destroys impurities. It is proven to absorb 100 times its own mass in damaging substances.
  2. It has a key ingredient that further provides purifying effects — a pure, white clay from China known as Kaolin that sucks dirt, pollution, and germs from pores. It also absorbs excess oil for a clean feel and matte finish.
  3. It creates a perfect balance between detoxifying and soothing benefits! A rich honey blend of Golden Wildflower and Fermented Honey is added to the mix and acts as powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

How to apply Charcoal Honey face mask

  • Place a warm, moist towel on a cleansed face to open pores.
  • Layer mask on.
  • Allow to dry and rinse.
  • Use twice a week or as often as needed.

To complete the Origins masking experience, the application goes on the skin as a golden honey shimmer and an essential oil blend of Rosemary, Wintergreen, Clove and Spearmint, and Sweet Honey for a refreshing feel and mild aroma.
Origins Clear Improvement™ Charcoal Honey Mask is available in SM Makati, SM MOA & SM Megamall and on Lazada. To discover more from Origins, go to their website and follow their Instagram account.

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