3 Reasons Why Merz Ultherapy Is The Best Non-invasive Facelift According To Dr. Javellana

3 Reasons Why Merz Ultherapy Is The Best Non-invasive Facelift According To Dr. Javellana


With almost 25 years of experience under her belt, the go-to doctor of Kris Aquino swears by this non-invasive facelift vs. going under the knife. Having gained the trust of a celebrity of that caliber says a lot about Dr. Javellana.

“Kris is reliable, trustworthy and a woman of 100% integrity. She is fearless and says what she believes what’s right and she believes in Merz Ultherapy.”

There are many facelift options available right now in the aesthetic industry but one thing has gained traction in recent years because of these reasons:


“Safety is number one priority. Even people with medical condition can undergo this procedure.”

Merz Ultherapy is a modified old technology that uses sound waves to travel through an exact depth in the skin to stimulate collagen and thus, promoting growth. Your skin looks tighter and emits a youthful glow without any risky, invasive processes.


You can immediately resume normal activities because there is no downtime. Some patients may experience slight swelling or bruising but these side effects are likely to be short-lived but will not affect your normal activities.


Some patients see results immediately after treatment and cumulative effects appear over a few months.

“This treatment is actually perfect for the Asian market because it is even more effective on skin that is inherently rich in collagen compared to our Western counterparts.”

Healing is a doctor’s mission but Dr. Javellana thinks that enhancing the superficial – only what the eyes can see – is not enough. “The goal is to deliver our services as a healing process rather than the commercial aspect of it. That’s when patients really feel better, more beautiful.”

She establishes a special connection with her patients and each one of them shares a unique #BeYOUtifulStory “When you take care of your skin, beautify yourself and you are also healed from within – a stronger and sound mind – true beauty will shine through. Always do it for yourself. Believe that true beauty is always from the heart.”

What is your #BeYOUtifulStory ?

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