3 Reasons Why Pamilya Sagrado is the Next Big Series

3 Reasons Why Pamilya Sagrado is the Next Big Series


Pamilya Sagrado is taking entertainment back in action—in its Filipino classic genre, star-studded cast, and compelling story

This June 17, the most-awaited action series, Pamilya Sagrado, will finally make its premiere on our screens. Since the news of its conception, fans and audiences alike have been on the edge of their seats, waiting for its eventual release. Finally, it’s almost here. 

The trailer, premiering a few days ago, revealed a number of reasons why we need to tune in for this series. With that, MEGA Entertainment lists three ways Pamilya Sagrado is already a must-watch as early as today. 

Pamilya Sagrado Coming Soon Trailer Series Dreamscape
Grae Fernandez and Kyle Echarri at the Pamilya Sagrado blogcon

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The Next Big Names

Stepping into the shoes of the lead roles, Gen Z gentlemen Kyle Echarri and Grae Fernandez will cross paths in the series with a relationship playing around being friends, foes, and a mix of both. Fresh from his Senior High success as Obet, Echarri had Pamilya Sagrado lined up in his roster of projects. Meanwhile, the upcoming series is Grae’s full-time comeback to Philippine showbiz after taking a break in 2022 to pursue acting studies. 

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While their appearances have yet to be revealed, Daniela Stranner and Alyanna Angeles are also part of the cast. Reportedly starring as the on-screen partners of Gen Z heartthrobs’ characters, they are more than just the leading ladies in the making. Proving their dynamic range in their previous projects, Daniela and Alyanna portrayed Z and Sofia in their respective series, Senior High and Huwag Kang Mangamba, respectively. 

Pamilya Sagrado Coming Soon Trailer Series Dreamscape
Daniela Stranner, Alyanna Angeles, and Keri Kurosawa in Baguio for the series

The Reunion of Veterans

Have you ever imagined a universe where Wildflower’s Julio and Emilia Ardiente meet Dirty Linen’s Carlos Fiero? Pamilya Sagrado is giving us that, and definitely more. In the teaser, these two worlds are uniting under the Sagrado last name. Tirso Cruz III and John Arcilla play the roles of Jaime and Eleazar Sagrado, respectively—a powerful family involved in politics. Involved in their scheme of things is the character of Aiko Melendez, namely Atty. Divine Torres. Joining his Dirty Linen co-star, Joel Torre is also starring in the series alongside Shaina Magdayao and Mylene Dizon. 

It goes without saying that Pamilya Sagrado is the most-awaited comeback of Piolo Pascual in the teleserye realm as well after almost two years since Flower of Evil. As Rafael Sagrado, we’ll surely see the different sides of his character. 

The Deep Dive into Politics

Besides the star-studded cast, it is also the story that will surely hook the readers to their screens. Tackling the subjects of hazing, the abuse of political power, and the complexities of filial and friendship ties, Pamilya Sagrado is set to shed light on realities that tend to be silenced and filtered. With a project that opens the discourse on these issues, Pamilya Sagrado’s premiere is indeed coming at the right time. 

Featured Image: DREAMSCAPE ENTERTAINMENT (via Instagram)

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