3 Simple Tricks To Achieve Thicker Eyebrows

3 Simple Tricks To Achieve Thicker Eyebrows


While thin, heavily tweezed eyebrows were once the in thing, the trend has died down, making way for fuller, more natural brows, as we can see in some of our favorite celebrities’ Instagram posts.

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If you’re still struggling with achieving those type of brows, these simple tricks might be able to help:

1. Don’t over-pluck

It can get tempting to pluck unruly hairs, but before you know it, you could end up tampering with your natural brow shape. This was a bad habit I found myself indulging in during my late teens, and in the end, I felt less like myself than ever.
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2. Introduce castor oil into your daily routine

Over-plucked eyebrows and too much waxing can lead to a thinned-out brow, so what castor oil does is to help reverse that, encouraging hair growth from dormant follicles. To use the oil, simply get a q-tip or a clean mascara wand and apply on to your eyebrows to leave overnight.
Some people swear by it, others say they don’t notice much of a difference. But the majority who do (myself included) recommend that you try using castor oil at least once in your life to help you grow your brows back. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

3. Use the right products

It certainly helps to know yourself,  trying out which products work best for your features. As someone with very light eyebrows and features on the softer side, I have learned to embrace brow gels and light tints to simply enhance my look. I’ve tried those dark brow wax and powder duos, and the result wasn’t pretty.
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Here are my current favorite eyebrow products:

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WUNDERBROW 1-Step Brow Gel

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