3 Simple Ways to Stay Mindful and Grounded

3 Simple Ways to Stay Mindful and Grounded


Here’s what the MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape in Bali taught us about mindfulness and staying in the present moment

Mindfulness activities are not fads, but rather necessary steps to achieve wellness. This is because such practices help regulate our emotions and keep us feeling present, which is especially important for those of us absorbed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Notably, mindfulness activities can refer to actions as simple as slow breathing and single-minded focus on one’s task. Such were practiced over the course of MEGA Active’s Body and Mind Escape event in Bali, with help from co-presenter Pharmaton. Here, we go over the three mindfulness activities that we honed in Bali.

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Walking meditation

The guests at MEGA Active’s Body and Mind Escape got plenty of walking done during the wellness getaway through Klook’s all-inclusive private day tour in Ubud and cooking class in Sukawati, which came with a walk through the local market scene to buy ingredients. While moments for sightseeing and picture-taking have been abundant, such instances are also a chance to practice walking meditation, which is a simple way to practice mindfulness by focusing on the way your body moves and how your feet push against the ground.

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Mindful eating

Mindful eating is another great takeaway from the trip as the guests had the chance to practice through the various group meals and the lengthy cooking class in Sukawati that ended in them tasting their own Balinese creations. In case you didn’t know, mindful eating is just a simple way to feel more present doing something you normally would without thought. Some helpful ways to make eating more mindful is by taking in the smells of your food as it cooks, as well as chewing very slowly to raise your awareness of its tastes and textures. Understanding the benefits and importance of healthy plant-based meals is another example.

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Mindful yoga

Yoga as a mind-body exercise is already a mindfulness activity as it requires you to be fully in tune with your body and to slow your breathing down. However, reframing the workout as mindful yoga adds another meaningful dimension to it as you take on Buddhist-style practices for mindfulness. Notably, guests on the trip were guided through this in the yoga class conducted on day one of the MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape.

Photography by EXCEL PANLAQUE

MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape was co-presented by Pharmaton and made possible by Dear Face, YOU Beauty, Céleteque, and Big Sky Nation. Travelers can also use our promo code MEGA5OFF when booking on Klook.

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