3 Things First-Time Surfers Should Know, According to Ikit Agudo

3 Things First-Time Surfers Should Know, According to Ikit Agudo


Stock up on your sunblock and get ready to catch waves under the heat of the sun. Ikit Agudo has three reasons to start surfing this summer.

Those who surf will tell you there’s nothing that comes close to the feeling of the sun on your face, salt water in your hair, and the rush of adrenaline you get when you race across a wave’s crest. It’s exhilarating, it’s healthy, and it’s fun. Here are three reasons, as told by Ikit Agudo, a professional surfer hailing from Siargao, to head out to the beach with a board and try out surfing this summer.

Ikit Agudo is a Siargao native who is all too familiar with the waves of the water

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Get a Total Body Workout

We know you’ve been meaning to hit the gym, so why not kill two birds with one stone by enjoying the beach waves and riding them? Exercising is good for the entire body and surfing has the same impact, stimulating your cardiovascular health and resulting in better coordination movements and blood sugar regulation. Paddling is by itself an upper body workout, and positioning your body on the board is optimal muscle utilization for balance and flexibility—plus, you build a relationship with the water that requires you to be in tune with your whole body, strengthening your bones. Ikit says, “Looking for a fun way to get fit? Look no further than surfing! It works all the major muscle groups and gets you active like no other hobby.” 

Surfing is your ticket to strength, cardio, balance, and overall coordination work

So for the people meaning to begin a healthy lifestyle, or just looking for some fun that also has a healthy benefit—here’s your sign.


For beginners, wear well-fitted one-pieces or a rash guard so you can move freely while getting a hang of the waves. While we’re all for showing off your body in confidence this summer, avoid surfing in string or two-piece bikinis that are prone to wardrobe malfunctions—especially in wipeouts. Put on sunscreen before surfing either way!

Earn a More Positive Mindset

“It’s fun and it has a positive effect on our mental health,” Ikit tells MEGA Active. “But it’s a very challenging sport, so don’t be too hard on yourself.” 

The daily grind can be, oftentimes, exhausting. A good solution to keep your spirits up and avoid burnout is by actively removing yourself from an environment of stressors such as the workplace—even just for a bit. Surfing releases endorphins, just like all physical sports and outdoor hobbies, but few activities can compare to the adrenaline kick you can get from catching a monster wave. There’s also no better place to enjoy the therapeutic powers of nature than an oceanfront setting, and no better activity to release stress and unwind.

Enjoy the serenity and the tranquility the water has to offer on your board

However, surfing isn’t always easy. There’s the struggle with paddling and fighting against the waves, and it takes a moment to adjust and feel completely comfortable in the water and on the board. Surfing is a pursuit of patience, but it also instills in you more grace for yourself when you fall. Like all sports, you don’t get it right on the first try, so again, don’t be too hard on yourself!


For beginners, have a heavy meal before surfing and then rest for about forty minutes to an hour. But if you want to surf right away, drink plenty of water and take in light meals or snacks such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread, and shakes. According to Ikit, if you eat too much you’ll most likely get an upset stomach and you’ll feel uncomfortable when paddling. 

Good Times, Tan Lines, and a Vitamin D Top-up

Surfing is a go-to activity this summer. “The weather is perfect around this time: sunny, blue skies, and the water is warm,” Ikit shares with MEGA Active. “The waves are great, clean, and not too big as well. It’s perfect for any level of surfer—beginner or advanced.”

Ikit Agudo says that surfing promotes overall health—and is a fun way to get in touch with the beautiful surrounds of nature

If you’ve never surfed before, now is the perfect time while the weather is at its peak for wave-riding. Aside from a guaranteed good time out in the water, you’ll be soaked in vitamin D and salt too. For a healthy immune system, your body needs that vitamin D, and sun exposure is the greatest way to get it—easiest to come by in the summer but also don’t forget to use sun protection. In addition to the circulation health benefits of surfing, exposure to salt water and natural components also leads to naturally beautiful skin. Skin that is radiant, natural, and glowing is ideal for getting rid of pimples!


Ikit suggests using a foam or soft top longboard for first-timers. “Because when you’re learning, falling is an inevitable process, so the chance of you or someone else getting hurt with this type of board is lower.  Also, soft boards are easy to paddle and much easier to catch waves because of its buoyancy. You’ll most likely be prone to a higher risk of injury getting your face or head hit with a hardtop or a fiberglass longboard.”

For the Beginner…

“Surfing is an extreme sport,” Ikit says. “So get a licensed surf instructor for the proper basics and safety. But while you’re out on the water, enjoy every ride and every wipeout. You will surely experience wipeouts, but know that it’s normal. Remember that all those struggles will be replaced with excitement and laughter as you go along your surfing adventures.”

The water is your playground—bask in the ocean air and have a good time

When asked what the surfer loves the most about the sport, Ikit answers, “It gives me a different level of happiness and peace. It taught me many lessons, not just about the water and riding it, but also in life.”

Photos and Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES, IKIT AGUDO (Via Instagram)

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