3 Things I Learned By Doing Anne Hathaway’s Skincare Routine

3 Things I Learned By Doing Anne Hathaway’s Skincare Routine


Thinking of starting on a new “ageless” skincare routine? Discover how Anne Hathaway looks youthful and radiant with Shiseido’s VITAL PERFECTION Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream

During Anne Hathaway’s appearance at the Valentino Fall-Winter 2022 haute couture show in Rome, her undeniable glow became the talk of the town. Clad in a monochromatic pink outfit and a dazzling ensemble, the Internet couldn’t help but be fascinated by her youthful radiance.

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From her breakout role in Princess Diaries to her iconic turn in The Devil Wears Prada, and now as a fashion circuit regular attending high-profile events, I found myself wondering: what is her secret? What is her skincare routine? It was when I stumbled upon a video of the 41-year-old actress discussing her beauty mantra with Shiseido that intrigued me.

In it, she declares, “Finding your light is not always easy. Sometimes the light is hidden, waiting to be found like our potential. It exists within—a brilliance that knows no limits.” As the embodiment of Shiseido VITAL PERFECTION, Anne Hathaway’s personal mantra aligns perfectly with the beauty brand’s ethos: “Potential has no age.” Inspired by her words, I eagerly visited Shiseido’s Mitsukoshi Mall location in Bonifacio Global City, determined to experience the same lifted and radiant look that the actress effortlessly embodies. Here are three lessons I learned from doing her skincare routine:

Lesson 1: There is power in proper cleansing and prepping

The journey towards flawless skin begins with a thorough cleaning and effective preparation. At Shiseido, my beauty consultant, Angelu, started the VITAL PERFECTION treatment by deeply cleansing my face with a gentle makeup remover. This step ensures that my skin is free from impurities, allowing the subsequent products to penetrate deeply and work their magic.

Anne Hathaway lying on the bed in a white button-down shirt
When it comes to skincare, the 41-year-old actress has aced her regimen to a T by following a no-fuss routine that includes cleansing and hydrating into the mix. Photo: @annehathaway / Instagram

Next, she applied the Eudermine Activating & Hydrating Essence. If there’s anything I learned from Angelu and reading articles about Hathaway’s routine, it’s that activating the skin’s inner defensive power can prevent aging damage. By applying the essence, you are also strengthening your skin’s barrier. The Japanese skincare product harnesses two types of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Fermented Kefir Extract, and Yuzu Extract to enhance skin immunity, recharge skin’s moisture, and support moisture retention, resulting in a smooth and resilient skin.

A tidbit I learned from the process was that Eudermine was a favorite of geishas. They use this ingredient to protect their skin under heavy makeup.

Lesson 2: You can activate your skin’s immunity and enhance its potential

The Shiseido VITAL PERFECTION treatment with the Eudermine Activating Essence and ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate in a red bottle, while VITAL PERFECTION Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream in a gradient violet to gold jar.
For firm and toned skin, the VITAL PERFECTION treatment uses technology that enhances your skin’s immunity, allowing you to feel your best self

The second step of the treatment involved the application of the ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate, an antioxidant serum with vital nutrients such as Reishi Mushroom, Iris Root Extract, Fermented Roselle Extract, and Heartleaf Extract to improve hydration and boost radiance. It’s also infused with ImuGenerationRED Technology™ technology to enhance skin immunity and circulation. The formula also supports the natural production of collagen for a more rested and youthful appearance.

The serum, with its gel-like texture, felt light on my skin. It didn’t feel sticky and melted into my skin effortlessly.

Lesson 3: You can sculpt your face even with your hands and the right cream

Finally, the much-awaited step was the application of the VITAL PERFECTION Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream. Before applying the cream, Angelu expertly measured the contours of my face—my cheek and jawline—to assess the treatment’s effects. By using the palm of her hand, she applied gentle pressure to lift and sculpt my face. The relaxing massage revealed a hidden secret: by using simple hand movements, I can achieve a lifted appearance without the need for stretching or pulling the skin (or even battery-operated devices).

Anne Hathaway looking at her makeup artist with the Shiseido VITAL PERFECTION jar near her face
Through Shiseido’s four-step regimen, you can achieve a lifted and vibrant skin texture just like Anne Hathaway’s Photo: @annehathaway / Instagram

In just one session, my cheeks went down a size from 12cm to 11cm, and my jawlines reduced from 13cm to 12.5cm. The visible results left me impressed. Doing a deep dive into its formulation, the cream contains ReNeuraRED™, a component that allows nerves in our skin to detect active ingredients, resulting in the skin to respond and regenerate faster, optimizing blood flow and oxygen level. The cream is also infused with SafflowerRED™, a technology patented by the Japanese beauty brand, is derived from the Mogami Safflower, known to improve blood circulation.

Another key ingredient in the Uplifting and firming Advanced Cream is the Shiseido’s VP8 ingredient complex, featuring botanical extracts and the effective whitening ingredient 4MSK (Potassium Methoxysalicylate), combats the root cause of multiple aging concerns, including wrinkles, loss of resilience, dark spots, and dullness.

In my experience with the Shiseido VITAL PERFECTION treatment, I learned important lessons for achieving vibrant and youthful skin. Anne Hathaway’s proven regimen targets age-related concerns with scientifically-backed ingredients, delivering noticeable results. The four-step routine emphasized that our potential and beauty transcend age, inspiring a skincare routine that reveals our best selves and goes beyond self-care and indulgence.

For more information, visit Shiseido’s official website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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