3 Things We Learn From Camille Co On How To Survive Fashion Week

3 Things We Learn From Camille Co On How To Survive Fashion Week


Giving us a glimpse of what fashion week is really like in reality, we learned a few things to keep in mind from Camille Co. 

When one says it’s “fashion week,” what automatically comes to our mind are all the flashy glitz and glam. A parade of luxury brands would dazzle right in front of you—from Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, to Coach. While these are all true, what others forget is the unspoken side of attending fashion’s busiest week.

In fact, people who are invited to these prestigious shows can be stressed, too. Yes, working in the fashion industry is just like any difficult profession. Doing fashion week means you need to do back-to-back show coverages, networking with individuals from across the globe, and creating content for brands as many as possible.

Camille Co Fashion Week

Giving us a closer, first-hand look at this is Camille Co, who recently tagged us along her first-ever NYFW experience, where she spent a week in the Big Apple. What’s really interesting in her journey is we’ve taken a front seat on what it’s like to be confronted by the challenges that arise during the week-long fashion rendezvous. So, here are three takeaways on how to survive during fashion week.

The More The Merrier

Whenever the vlogger besties (Camille Co, Laureen Uy, and Kryz Uy) would travel, Camille has always been the type of packer who would always plan her outfits for the entire trip, hence, she’s group’s lightest packer.

Camille Co Fashion Week

But for her first NYFW, she was not able—even if she wants to—plan all of her looks ahead because the brands who invited her only sent the clothes to the hotel when she arrived in the Empire State. But it was on the third day, when her styling was really tested.

She thought she already brought a lot of clothes, but that’s where she fell short. She needed to maximize what she had and the clothes from the brand. So, in the long run, never underestimate bringing “enough” clothes during fashion week.

Dare To Be Bold

What we loved about Camille’s NYFW looks was how she wasn’t afraid to mix bold colors. We saw her elevated a simple yet chic dress by Son Jung Wan with a vibrant blue Push Button trench coat. Another favorite was the red and purple look courtesy of Material and Anna Kiki. To finish her look, it was stunningly complemented by leather Tibi boots, proving that the key to color blocking is just to have fun and be adventurous.

Don’t Forget To Eat

Perhaps it’s safe to say that all the attendees schedule of any fashion week—whether it’s New York, London, Milan, or Paris—is very, very busy. According to Camille, “Sabi ni laureen ganito daw talaga fashion week, you tend to forget to eat.” But for her, it’s always so important to have your full meals which she made sure to have as much as possible. After all, how will you really appreciate what you’re seeing if you’re already hallucinating due to hunger, right? So, to all fashionistas here’s a memo: don’t starve yourselves, stay fit, and eat healthy.

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