3 Times Maris Racal Proved that Red is the Color of Divas

3 Times Maris Racal Proved that Red is the Color of Divas


Maris Racal has time and again embraced red as her power color. Here are her three best diva looks in the spicy kick of chili red

With Maris playing the feisty and sassy Irene Tiu, her fiery attitude has come out to play even with her wardrobe choices. ​​Bold, unapologetic, and playful, red is a powerful color and even symbolizes happiness, success, and good fortune in Chinese culture—very apt for her role in Can’t Buy Me Love. Here are her best diva looks in the stunning red:

In the dress that commands attention

Just a few days ago, in the Can’t Buy Me Love Finale Media Conference, Maris fit right in with the red theme of the event in a ‘Killing Eve’-inspired sheer, off-the-shoulder fitted gown that accentuated her figure. Striking and stylish, when a LBD doesn’t bring enough energy, this red dress fit is the party starter we’ve been waiting for.

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A full-body red dress has become part of Maris’s sartorial DNA

As the ultimate Christmas gift

In the Christmas season, there’s no telling the lengths red can go in fashion. For Maris, she was all wrapped up in a bow in this head-to-toe red co-ord also by Joseph Palma. It’s already a powerful color and can stand all by itself, but this holiday-inspired set is sexy, brash, and stylish—as expected of the star.

The best way to inject the fiery red in your wardrobe is in big doses—with an elegant co-ord set, a maximalist bow statement, and red heels to complete the fit

In a scene-stealing look

In the 2023 Awit Awards where she was nominated in three categories, Maris showed up in a daunting half-dress and half-jumpsuit ensemble with a black outerwear, furthering the layers of the look. While the red is a hue that doesn’t speak of the ease most of us have in our day-to-day closets, Maris makes it fabulous, extra, and celebratory—especially in an event that uplifts Filipino music.

Red is a fun and playful color to experiment and pair with other colors; it’s all about adding your own flair

Photos and Featured Image: NIKO GONZALES; ADRIANNE CONCEPCION, JAY AQUINO (Via Instagram)

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