3 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Fitness When Travelling

3 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Fitness When Travelling


Here are our top three tips to stay active while on vacation—all according to the MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape in Bali

Last July, MEGA Active, along with our co-presenter Pharmaton, hosted our first-ever weekend getaway abroad. The MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape was held in Bali, Indonesia, and while it’s over, that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t still replicate the experience through vacations year-round. More than just a lifestyle, being active is a way to regulate your emotions and sustain your body healthily. As such, we’ve rounded up the top three activities you can integrate into your own travel itinerary for your next trip so that you don’t forget. 

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Never underestimate the power of a good, long walk. Whether it’s a purposeful “hot girl walk” or a way to travel to your next destination, take the chance to do it. And as demonstrated by our own Bali trip, a day tour is one way to go about it. This way, you can do some sightseeing and de-stress while in nature.

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Similarly, don’t underestimate swimming as it is more than just a leisure activity. While relaxing in the pool or beach is well and good, don’t forget to get some laps in. Do this consistently enough and you’ll strengthen your body and burn plenty of calories. Props to Pharmaton for incorporating swimming challenges into their Amazing Race activity on our Bali trip.

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Last but not least is yoga. We cannot recommend yoga enough as it’s an effective way to de-stress and work out. And depending on your yoga flow, yoga can be a way to get extensive whole-body relief after a long day of walking and swimming, for example, just as the guests of our Bali trip had.

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MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape was co-presented by Pharmaton and made possible by Dear Face, YOU Beauty, Céleteque, and Big Sky Nation. Travelers can also use our promo code MEGA5OFF when booking on Klook.

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