3 Ways You Can Disrupt The Internet With These New Gadgets

3 Ways You Can Disrupt The Internet With These New Gadgets


It’s time to create disruptive content using the premium affordable gadgets of realme, the GT Master Edition and the realme Book.

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On September 23, 2021, realme, the Philippines’ number one smartphone brand, will release two highly anticipated additions to their line or premium affordable innovations. The first one is the realme GT Master Edition and the second is the realme Book, the first ever laptop of the brand. During a time when staying connected is the only way to move, finding a way to upgrade your gadgets in the most affordable way is essential. It’s hard to make noise and disrupt the system in the online scene, when there are too many voices in the digisphere. The answer to breaking free from the void is to innovate along with technology. There are multiple ways to break the internet, but there are only a few gadgets can help you do that. Here we will share with you three ways you can make an impact online with realme’s two newest products.

#1: Create A Tiktok Compilation Of All Your Favorite Looks
Gadget of choice: realme GT Master Edition

Looking to upgrade your Tiktok game? With the rise of style mavens on the platform, it’s hard to get noticed. Why not use the stylist realme GT Master Edition that could match all of your outfits. Fun fact: The phone’s design was made by renowned industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa. Plus, you’ll never run out of battery in between taking shots because of its 65W SuperDart Charge technology.

#2: Start An Online Selling Business
Gadget of choice: realme Book

No matter which way you see it, you’ll definitely need a laptop to start an online business. It’s the place where you can track your inventory, deliveries, and orders. Aside from this, you can even create your own branding materials on the laptop. The realme Book is designed to cater all of your creative and business needs with its Gen Intel® Core™ Processor in Core i3 and Core i5 variants and 8GB dual-channel LPDDR4x RAM. The laptop is lighter, sleeker, and faster than most laptops on the market.

#3: Join An E-Gaming Tournament And Stream It

Gadget of choice: realme GT Master Edition and realme Book
Let’s face it! E-Gaming is a sport and a profession in it’s own right. We shouldn’t let the opportunity of disrupting the internet through gaming get away from us. You can start off by practicing on your realme GT Master Edition smartphone and when you feel the time is right you can start streaming your progress. On top of this, you can even join online tournaments to get that gaming rep.

Catch the official unveiling of the realme GT Master Edition and the realme Book, on September 23, 6 p.m. on the realme Philippines Facebook page and YouTube channel. The realme Squad can also look forward to exciting deals and promos to be offered during this highly anticipated launch.

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