4 Chinese New Year Lucky Shopping Habits To Get Cashback

4 Chinese New Year Lucky Shopping Habits To Get Cashback


A time for new beginnings and a time to attract prosperity. With Chinese New Year shopping, the extra generous will be rewarded back tenfold. Here we learn the lucky shopping habits to practice this holiday.

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Working in the past as a retail consultant, the weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year are always busy, exciting, and filled with generosity. Shoppers are purchasing from several categories, buying items not only for themselves but also presents to give out to their families. I learned that this is because of the belief that the money you spend for the Chinese New Year and giving back to others will be returned tenfold. Think of it as an investment, if you were to splurge, why not do it during this season where you can even practice some shopping habits that will return your spent money.

Here are the 4 lucky shopping habits to do:

1. The Gift Of Giving

Gift giving is a known traditional practice during this holiday but when it comes to shopping there has been a shift away from giving trinkets as gifts in favor of pricier branded products. Great gift ideas are perfumes, jewelry, lucky house décor, and anything red. If you want extra luck you can give out food to your consultants as a way to thank them but also because huge quantities of food symbolized abundance and wealth. Food treats such as tikoy, dumplings, and fruits such as tangerines and oranges are also known to attract fortune. 

2. Keep Your Own “Hongbao” or Lucky Red Envelope

Red envelopes that hold money are traditionally presented by married people to unmarried ones, or often from older people to younger friends, family, and acquaintances. During this holiday, some luxury stores make it a habit to give their loyal clients their versions of hongbao to use during the holiday. Keeping cash in these envelopes is believed to make your money multiply. However, keep the budget to shop separate from the one in your personal hongbao because it is believed to be bad luck to spend the one you keep for yourself. 

3. Splurge On A New Look

During the Lunar New Year it is customary to purchase new items and don a whole new outfit from head to toe to symbolize a fresh start. Wearing old clothes bad luck during this holiday because it means your welcoming the negativity of the past into the future. For those whose Chinese zodiac sign is the ox, a piece of new clothing in red is required to bring in good luck for your year. 

4. Refresh Your Home

Besides the outfit, homes have to be prepped as well. People do a general cleaning to ward off bad luck and shop for new home décor and appliances to attract good luck, health, and money into the new year. According to Feng Shui, metal decor in colors of gold and gray is the element that attracts positive energy to aid in achieving one’s goals.

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