4 Easy Ways To Make Perfume Last All Day Long

4 Easy Ways To Make Perfume Last All Day Long


When it comes to the art of fragrances, longevity is more than just the job of the perfumer; it’s the wearer’s as well! Believe it or not, wearing perfume is more than just simply spritzing from bottle to skin. When worn appropriately, your chosen scent can last you through the day without fading.
How does one get the full potential of perfume? Keep these 4 tips close by the next time you decide to spray on your signature scent!

1. Use a moisturizer as a base

After a long bath, lather up on a moisturizer on all extremities. Go the extra mile and use a lotion from the same product line of your favorite perfume. We love the body lotion of Miss Dior layered with their popular scent—the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

2. Be mindful of pulse points

There are many misconceptions of the best spots to spray perfume on your body. To put it simply, keep your spritzes within “pulse points”. These are areas where skin is thinner, allowing pulses to elevate scent further. These areas are on your wrists (no rubbing allowed!), neck (near your ears), and elbows (who knew!).

3. Invest in a hair mist

It’s no secret that one of the most fragrant parts of our body is our head of hair. Allow a veil of your favorite scent to bounce from your strands with a hair mist. We love the aroma of freshly washed hair with Miss Dior’s hair mist during a long day (and it stays all-day too!).

4. Keep a perfume vial while on the go

It never hurts to be a girl scout during those days when you need a fragrant touch-up. Travel light and keep a vial of your preferred scent inside your purse. We love the beauty innovation for women on the go: the Miss Dior roll on fragrance. Keep your scent of the day consistent and intact with a few rolls on your pulse points to give you instant freshness without the hassle of over spraying.

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