5 Aromatic Products To Help You Get Through A Stressful Week

5 Aromatic Products To Help You Get Through A Stressful Week


When I find myself a little stressed out in the middle of a work day, I pull out a recent purchase from a trip to Taipei, Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (a product also included on this list). In addition to moisturizing my hands, the aromatic makes you feel like you’re in a spa, and just a little is enough to make my seat mates feel like they’re in that imaginary spa with me.

The beneficial effects of aromatherapy cannot be denied—the simple application of a product infused with essential oils can instantly boost one’s mood. Having said this, we’ve put together 5 aromatic products perfect for the different parts of your body:

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1. Eyes

Unfortunately, stress and lack of sleep can be more evident around the delicate eye area. Neal’s Yard Remedies decided to combat this with their new Frankincense Intense Lift Eye Cream (P3250). In addition having antioxidant and protective properties, the scent of frankincense also helps one de-stress, giving you that well-deserved feeling of relaxation.

2. Hands

As mentioned earlier, you can’t go wrong with Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. With key ingredients of Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas, the skin-softening balm nourishes and gives off a citrusy, woody and herbaceous scent to soothe your mind.

3. Hair

For a healthy mane, massage the Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo (P1208) into wet hair while in the shower.  The product instantly awakens your senses with a invigorating blend of pure flower and plant essences such as Rosemary and Peppermint.


4. Body

If your body is feeling a little tired, slap on the refreshing Human Nature Cooling Leg & Body Cream (P375). Made with eucalyptus, peppermint and bergamot, you will feel instantly cool and moisturized.


5. Scent

While the KORA Organics Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil (P2370) can be applied to practically any part of your body, we like to use it as an alternative to perfume as well. Apply to the base of the neck, behind the ears, the wrists and over the heart chakra and feel that blend of Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. It is also charged with Rose Quartz, which gives you energies of love and acceptance.


Additional photo by Kitkat Pajaro




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