5 Bea Alonzo-Approved Recipes For Your Holiday Feast

5 Bea Alonzo-Approved Recipes For Your Holiday Feast


‘Tis the season to be like Bea and get in the kitchen with your loved ones to try out these recipes for your own holiday feast

With the holiday break fast approaching these days, plans to slow down and spend time with your family and friends are starting to solidify. And one of the easiest ways to bond with your loved ones is by being in the kitchen. From prepping ingredients to actually trying out the dishes, it is definitely an experience that will test, yet also strengthen your relationship with the people you love. If you are looking for recipes to try from your beloved celebrities, Bea Alonzo has you covered. 

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Through her vlogs, the actress has shared a number of dishes ranging from main courses to pasta and dessert. This season, take your chance and fuse Filipino, Spanish, and Korean flavors into your holiday feast and try out these Basha-approved recipes for a palate party. 

Sharing a tradition

Kids love it, adults find it a classic. The Pinoy spaghetti is a classic dish that members of the family will surely enjoy this season. It is also a perfect partner for fried viands, such as chicken, lumpiang shanghai and fish fillet. If you are looking for a new recipe to try out for such a comfort food for everyone, Bea shared her stepfather’s recipe in one of her earlier vlogs. 

A staple for celebration

While trying out new dishes makes cooking exciting, perfecting a family recipe is another level of a kitchen challenge. In one of her videos, the actress shared an osso buco caldereta recipe that was passed down to her by her grandmother. This dish has the seal of approval from Bea’s friends and family, and it can earn from your loved ones, too, once you try it for yourself.

An added spice

Part of why the holiday feast is extra special is because of the traditional dishes that we find in our dinner tables. But just as we are welcoming the new year, new recipes will make feasts more exciting, too. Bea’s recipe for the easy kimchi fried rice with galbi will be a sure hit to the younger crowd since adding something spicy to the table will create a new experience for everyone to enjoy. 

A labor of love 

If you want to bring your kitchen to the tables of your loved ones, preparing food is a heartwarming gesture this season. A recipe that you can try is this mango jam recipe that Bea did with Jessica Soho during their farm tour. It is literally a sweet way to give love to your friends and family this season.

Wrapped in sweetness

During the holidays, guests may come and visit your homes unexpectedly. Having a prepared dish that you can easily fry and serve them will save you more time to actually sit down and catch up with your loved ones. One easy recipe from Bea that you can try is her ube turon with langka, which is a perfect merienda or dessert dish. If you want to add more oomph to the whole recipe, make it à la mode and add a scoop of ice cream for extra sweetness.

Featured Image: BEA ALONZO (via Instagram)

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