5 Best Photography Concepts Of Miss Universe Philippines Candidates

5 Best Photography Concepts Of Miss Universe Philippines Candidates


Armed with their own glam team and photographers, we compiled five of the best photography concepts of the Miss Universe Philippines hopefuls that made our jaws drop and dominated our social media timelines. 

To attain the much-coveted crown of the Miss Universe Philippines, the candidates must make sure to put their best foot forward. Whether it’s through their training, the designer gowns they wear, or even what they simply upload on their own social media channels, all of these things make a huge factor when summed up in helping the ladies mold their branding—who they are, what they’re passionate about, and what they can do.

For every successful beauty queen, they always have their own team who will have their backs—from their hairstylist, makeup artist, fashion stylist, fashion designer, and photographer. These teams might be small, but altogether can make an impact. They are the ones that truly aid these women to be given the honor of being called a bona fide beauty queen. So, we also want to make sure to highlight the works of art made by some of our industry’s brilliant creatives. Below, artists showcased their work featuring some of the top women that reigned in Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

Xander Angeles for Ysabella Ysmael

Miss Universe Philippines

Hair and Makeup by Lea Ancheta and Style by Kristine Toribio.

Seven Barreto for Pauline Amelinckx

Miss Universe Philippines

Hair: Florenz John Cervantes Torrontegui; Makeup: Carissa Cielo Medved; Bodysuit by Mikee Andrei; and Shoes: Jojo Bragais.

BJ Pascual for Alaiza Malinao

Miss Universe Philippines

Styled by Eldzs Mejia; Hair by Aries Manal; Makeup by Justine Navato; and Dress by Neric Beltran.

Dookie Ducay for Sandra Lemonon

Hair by JA Feliciano; Makeup by Sydney; Styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu; and Dress by Julianne Syjuco.

Jerick Sanchez for Alaiza Malinao

Hair by Mong Amado; Makeup by Theresa Padin; Styled by Luis Carlo San Juan; and Dress by Lesley Mobo.

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