5 Boosters You Can Take To Improve Your Immune System

5 Boosters You Can Take To Improve Your Immune System


While we wait for our turn to get vaccinated, we have to keep our immune systems in top shape. Here are 5 boosters you can take to improve it.

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When we walked into 2021, we didn’t expect to be this frightened about the COVID situation. The whole world thought things would be better by the end of 2020. The race towards creating a vaccine was up, numbers were going down, and the world seemed like it was getting back to normal. Flash forward today and clearly we can all see how idealistic we were last year. As of April 27, it’s been reported by the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Task Force Against COVID-19 that only 0.22 percent have been fully vaccinated. On top of that, there have been talks of a new coronavirus variant being spread around the world. Now is not the time to be lax with all of these current drawbacks. It may seem as if history is repeating itself, but we can always counteract it. We’ve learned so much about fighting off a virus during our one year in quarantine. Thus, we’ll be able to use the knowledge we’ve acquired as our first layer of defense against COVID-19.

The best way to begin arming up for the potential second wave of cases is by boosting your immune system. That’s why we’ve consulted with Dr. Belle Magnaye of Avignon Clinic to give us the low down on boosters. When we asked Dr. Magnaye about the effectivity of boosters, she said, “It does help in the sense that it will help prevent from contracting other diseases– not just COVID. Actually, it does not fight off COVID. It’s not an anti-virus. But, what it does is it strengthens your immune system. Such that, you don’t get other diseases like respiratory pneumonia flu. People who get those infections are the ones who are prone to getting COVID. It helps in that way.” So, if you’re looking for an extra layer of protection then check out the 5 boosters we’ve listed down below.

Note: If you’re planning to take any of these boosters, we highly suggest that you consult with your doctor first.

#1: IV Drips
An Intravenous (IV) Drip is the fastest way possible to deliver essential nutrients to the body. The saline based electrolyte solution that contains all the vitamins and nutrients that you need are delivered directly to your bloodstream by placing a catheter directly in the vein. There are a number of IV Drips available that target different bodily needs.

Dr. Magnaye shared with us two IV Drips she recommends for immune system boosting. First, the Executive Defense Drip, which is a maintenance booster. Second, is the Myer’s Drip, which is the best option for recovery and patients who really feel under the weather. Both drips contain the following actives: vitamin C, vitamin B Complex, and Glutathione as an antioxidant. The only difference is the Myer’s drip also contains Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc.


#2: Gel Form Vitamin D
According to Dr. Magnaye, “It’s best when vitamin D is in packaged in a syringe, so you can place the gel under your tongue. It’s the best absorption for vitamin D without having to pass through the liver.” Vitamin D has many benefits, namely: supporting the immune system, regulating insulin levels, supporting lung function, and much more. Those who are deficient of vitamin D for a long period of time may contract cardiovascular conditions, autoimmune problems, infections, and the likes. In a 2018 review, it was found that vitamin D had a protective effect against the influenza.


#3: Vitamin C + Zinc Capsules
Vitamin C has always been a part of our daily supplements. Although, when it is paired with zinc in a capsule it becomes a great source of nutrition and immune defense. Vitamin C plus zinc is usually sold as an over-the-counter product, so you’ll have an easy time finding it. This is a good thing since your body does not naturally produce vitamin C, thus you’ll be needing to take it quite often. The benefits of taking it include: encouraging the production of white blood cells, acts as an antioxidant, may shorten wound healing time, and much more.


#4: Pure Daily Immune Supplement
Dr. Magnaye shared that there are supplements made specifically to enhance the immune system. One of the supplements she pointed out was from Pure Encapsulations. The Pure Daily Supplement is made out of botanical ingredients. “Most of the antioxidants we know come from plants. They fight off free radicals. Free radicals are the ones that damage the cells. If your cells are damaged, then your immunity would be weaker,” says Dr. Magnaye.

#5: Prioritize Your Vaccinations
According to the Harvard Health, “Keep current with all recommended vaccines. Vaccines prime your immune system to fight off infections before they take hold in your body.” We may not all be candidates for vaccination at the moment, but it’s important to note the importance of it with whatever brand available. In hindsight, vaccines by their very definition is a substance used to provide immunity against one or several diseases, so it really is your best bet in staying immune.

We urge everyone to get a vaccine for COVID-19. If you have not registered for a slot, then message your barangay for information or check out the official FAQ page of the Department of Health (DOH) here.

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