Igniting Wanderlust: 5 Candle Scents to Discover Unique Corners of the World

Igniting Wanderlust: 5 Candle Scents to Discover Unique Corners of the World


From a Mexican jungle to the southern slopes of a Japanese mountain, Diptyque’s newest collection is a dream-like journey to unknown lands

Our sense of smell is both powerful and mysterious. It is a corridor to your memories, capable of transporting us to another world of evoking vivid feelings and memories with just a single whiff. The allure and wonder of scents have long captivated our senses, with fragrances cleverly crafted to embody a moment or tell a story.

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This narrative makes every aroma a work of art—a distillation of ingredients, experience, culture, and love. A feeling that is captured in Les Mondes de Diptyque (“The World of Diptyque”), where the scents and enchantment of faraway worlds are inspired by unique places on Earth.

Diptyque’s Les Mondes de Diptyque five piece refillable candle
The Les Mondes de Diptyque is a five-piece refillable candle collection by the Parisian perfume house inspired by dream-like places in the world

The five-piece candle collection is the debut of the French Maison’s first refillable collection, fusing aesthetic appeal, technical mastery, and environmental responsibility. Master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti has conceived this diverse and vibrant collection, imbuing each flicker with a sense of urgency. The jar boasts a triple-tiered oval glass structure, reminiscent of precious gemstones and pays homage to Diptyque’s signature oval motif. Once consumed, wax can be effortlessly substituted with a specially crafted refill.

With the hypnotic motion of the flame and beckoning scents, Diptyque’s Les Mondes de Diptyque offers a moment of suspension, a journey of senses to lands far removed from our everyday reality. Here are the five places that inspired the “Les Mondes de Diptyque:”

1. Nymphes Merveilles, an enchanted Italian garden

Nymphes Merveilles candle
Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

An enchanting baroque garden near Milan, frescoes, nymphae, and sun-ripened orange trees line the pathways that transport you to Villa Borromeo Visconti. In the world of Nymphes Merveilles (“Nymphaeum of Wonders”), the fragrance immerses you in a quintessentially Italian tableau infused with a delicate fragrance of orange blossom, jasmine, and iris. Engulfed in history, the floral scent envelops your space with the warmth of the Italian sun, inspiring an ambience of unreserved tranquility and artful bliss.

2. La Forêt Rêve, a lush Mexican jungle

La Forêt Rêve
Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

Where concrete sculptures blend surreally with luxuriant surroundings, La Forêt Rêve (“Forest Dreams”) leads you deep into the labyrinth of lush plant life in the jungle of Las Pozas in Mexico. Infused with the essences of ylang-ylang, vanilla absolute, and jasmine absolute, the harmony of earthy materials and vivid tropical vegetation washes over you, permeating your space with a tantalizing glimpse of Eden.

3. Temple de Mousses, zen in a Japanese moss garden

Temple de Mousses
Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

On the mystical slopes of Arashiyama Mountain, the Temple de Mousses (“Moss Temple”) transports you to a serene Japanese zen garden, where rare and delicate varieties of moss flourish in the forest’s half-light. The harmonious blend of moss absolute, cedar essence, and matcha accord permeates your surroundings, evoking the aura of an age-old temple. This soothing ambience creates a serene space, gently guiding your senses on a journey through the meditative beauty and mystique of Japanese tradition.

4. La Vallée du Temps, time standing still in China

La Vallée du Temps Diptyque
Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

Home to centuries-old white tea plantations and porcelain craftsmanship, La Vallée du Temps (“Valley of Time”) takes you into the heart of Jiangxi province. Every breath taken here is layered with the fragrant fusion of white tea accord, maté absolute, and jasmine absolute. The ignited milky wax kindles a voyage into the birthplace of Chinese porcelain and the verdant tea plantations of Jingdezhen, an intersection where time and tradition harmoniously coexist.

5. Terres Blondes, ancient wisdom in Colorado

Terres Blondes Diptyque
Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

Travel back in time to Mesa Verde, an ancient city of stone-dwelling structures beneath overhanging cliffs in the high desert of Colorado. Terres Blondes (“Golden Lands”) pays homage to the ancestral Native American inhabitants who transformed the unfriendly ochre land into a shelter of productive soil. Its evocative notes of wheat bran, red cedar, and burnt earth serve as a potent reminder of the perseverance and unity between nature and human existence.

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