5 Chic and Instagram-Worthy Brunch Spots to Go to With Your Girls

5 Chic and Instagram-Worthy Brunch Spots to Go to With Your Girls


Looking for a new brunch spot for your girls? Here are five restaurants worth trying out that are also perfect for your Instagram feed

When you’re going out with your girls, you’re always on the lookout for places that are aesthetically pleasing for Instagram. It’s a given that you’ll end up taking photos, which will eventually end up on your feeds, so we totally understand why there’s a need to look for spots that are not overused by fellow Gen Zs. That being said, here is a list of restaurants you can go to for brunch that will give you the perfect backdrop for the ‘gram.

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Bombvinos Bodega

For those who love the laid-back, wooden aesthetic for your photos, then Bombvinos will be your go-to because of their brown and white color palette. This Makati-located spot is all about the relaxed vibe since the main offering is their line of natural wines imported from around the world. 


If you want to live out the art deco vibe you’ve been seeing on Pinterest, you’re going to want to head to Sampiro located in Salcedo, Makati. They have their coffee selects for the day, but if the day or night calls for some spritz, their selection of cocktails starts at a reasonable price, which you can pair with their Filipino dishes mixed with a Southeast-Asian flair. 

KOH Cafe

You can never go wrong with natural lighting and a beige color story, and KOH Cafe got the aesthetic right this time. It has the laid-back blend of minimalism that reminds us of the Scandinavian interior we tried to recreate during the pandemic. So if this cafe is under your radar, it’s perfect for a relaxing brunch with their dish options and coffee picks. 

Bask Coffee

Another minimalist interior makes it on our list, and we can’t deny that it’s one of the most sought after aesthetics nowadays. It’s more playful compared to KOH since they infused less structured details in their furniture, but it was balanced out by the bare white-wood color combination. As for their menu, they’ve got you covered with their hearty meals and pastries. 

Concordia’s Cafe

If you’re looking for a reason to go outside the hustle of city life for once, then you’d want to head to Concordia’s Cafe in Parañaque. It’s got that chic white interior with blue-gray accents for a industrial took. It also has that mature-vibe because of the furniture. They have their heavy meals and pastries for you to choose from, which you can top off with some much-needed coffee. 

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