5 Chinese Traditions To Do This Chinese New Year For A Better Year

5 Chinese Traditions To Do This Chinese New Year For A Better Year


In only less than a few days, the most significant holiday of the Chinese calendar will be happening—The Lunar New Year.

On February 5, there will be several families around the globe who will feast and reunite. But aside from all the festivities, various traditions and rituals must also be achieved for a better year ahead. From eating tikoy to wearing this year’s lucky colors, we compiled the top-five Chinese traditions we must do as we welcome the year of the Earth pig.

Eat and Give Nian Gao or Tikoy

Tikoy Chinese New Year
Photo courtesy of epicstreet.blogspot.com

It’s always been customary to eat tikoy and give it as a gift to family and friends. The word tikoy is actually a combination of two languages. The Hookien dialect “ti” means sweet, and the Malay term “kueh” means cake. But in Chinese, it’s called Nian (sticky) Gao (cake) that also means “higher years.”

That’s why when you eat and give tikoy, it symbolizes the growth of one’s self or career. You’ll be blessed as it brings you a higher income or position in the business.

Give out Ang Pao

Ang-Pao Chinese New Year
Photo courtesy of honeykidasia.com

If there’s one thing that we all love during the new year, it’ll undoubtedly be receiving an Ang Pao. But the significance of the Ang Pao is not really the money; it’s all in the red paper. By wrapping the money, the receiver will be bestowed more blessings.

Light Up The Skies And Make Noise With Fireworks

Fireworks Chinese New Year
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Let’s admit it—fireworks always mesmerize us. With its colorful sparks lighting up the night sky, it’s hard not to be fascinated. But apart from the gamut of vibrant lights set off in the air, the loud noise is what’s important. It is said to scare away the bad spirits, particularly the Nian (a folklore beast that attacks villages) so that nothing dreadful will happen throughout the year.

Wear 2019’s Lucky Colors

This year of the pig, the lucky colors to wear revolve around red, pink, orange, and white. On the eve of the lunar new year, make sure you wear new clothes manifesting the said hues in order to channel all the luck for 2019.

Dine Together As A Family

Finally, since celebrating the new year is all about reuniting and spreading love, this is the perfect time to spend time together as a family. By doing this, it brings harmony and makes the whole family closer and avoids conflicts the whole year.

That’s why Canton Road, at Shangri-La at the Fort Manila, invites guests to paint the town red and gather some lunar luck. Bring in good fortune to your family and feast like the gods with Pun Choi. This dish represents cooperation as a way to attract luck.

Another dish to feast on is the traditional Norwegian salmon Yee Sang known for its preparation ritual called “Prosperity Toss.” The tossing ritual signifies luck and happiness—the higher the toss, the more chances of the wish coming true. Also taking center stage is the suckling pig. It has long been considered as an auspicious treat that symbolizes completeness and prosperity.

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