5 Comfortable Footwear To Try During The Cozy Weather

5 Comfortable Footwear To Try During The Cozy Weather


When staying indoors, it’s better to use a comfortable pair of footwear. Your feet will thank you later!

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We’re heading towards the colder months of the year. This means exchanging all of your summer time fits for something a little more cozy. You can finally bring back your pullovers, sweats, socks, and slippers for the snuggly season ahead. This is great and all, but it also brings about the prevailing problem with living in a tropical country during the colder seasons. It’s neither too hot or too cold to wear fuzzy slippers at home. Aside from this, you’re looking for versatility. You want to be able to wear casual yet comfortable footwear throughout your day.

Thus, you need to wear a pair of shoes that are cozy enough for indoor activities, yet comfortable enough for outdoor rainy day activities. We’ve scoured the shopping racks for 5 footwear that can do exactly that. Here are 5 comfortable shoes that are great for the upcoming months. You can take them out for a stroll down the road or as house slippers.


They’re back! The Crocs are back in style and they’re here to stay. The brand now offers multiple versions of the famous pegged shoes. Their insoles are known for their shock absorbing and stress relieving qualities making them great comfy footwear.
Check out the Classic Platform Clog (PHP 3,495)


This brand is known for their funky collaborations with different designer brands. Although, they’re also known for their ultra soft padded insoles paired with the gummy exterior design of their shoes. This makes them great alternatives for cute yet comfy footwear.
Check out the Melissa Cali + Larroude (PHP 3,995)


Minimalists of cyber space are in love with the new Birkenstocks. They’re called Kyoto, which is the first Asian city named Birkenstock in their lineup. They feature the beloved Birkenstock molded insole, but come in a new origami-esque sandal design.
Check out the Kyoto Birkenstocks (PHP 8,542)

Tory Burch

You’d be surprised with how comfortable the Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slides are. They feature a raised Double T design that showcases the Tory Burch brand in a tasteful way. The waterproof shoe is great for the home, pool, and beyond.
Check out the Bubble Jelly Slide (PHP 10,700)

Fear of God

The California is a backless slip-on shoe with a clean and sculptural design that strictly emphasizes functionality, with backless construction to slip on and off with ease, an inner vent to provide air flow, and a raised tread for traction.
Check out The California in Concrete (PHP 11,105)

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