5 Defining Moments of Pierpaolo Piccoli at Valentino

5 Defining Moments of Pierpaolo Piccoli at Valentino


Valentino pink will be remembered. Pierpaolo Piccioli announced his departure—this is what he’s known for 

Is this the end of the Valentino pink? Pierpaolo Piccioli has announced his departure from Valentino after 25 years. The now-former creative director of the storied maison’s illustrious journey began in 1999 when he assumed the reins of Valentino’s accessories division, eventually ascending to share the title of creative director with Maria Grazia Chiuri, now at the helm of Dior, in 2008. His solo ascent to creative directorship in 2016 marked a new chapter in Valentino’s history, characterized by unparalleled innovation, breathtaking elegance, and PP Pink by Valentino, recognized by the Pantone Color Institute. With a legacy like this, this is Piccioli’s greatest hits for Valentino.

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A House, Evolved

“Not all stories have a beginning and an end. Some live a kind of eternal present that shines with a bright light, so strong that it leaves no shadows,” Piccoli says in the press statement regarding his departure

Piccioli’s tenure at Valentino brought forth an evolution that appealed to a broader range of styles with a playful touch. He ingeniously reinterpreted the maison’s codes, crafting garments that exuded coolness. From daring prints to unexpected embellishments, Piccioli’s designs encapsulated a modern sensibility, making Valentino the epitome of chic sophistication for connoisseurs across the globe.

Rockstuds Wanted

Dua Lipa in a studded leather trench coat

Piccioli’s reinvention of Valentino’s iconic rock studs was groundbreaking in a way that it integrated these edgy embellishments into the fabric of delicate materials and feminine silhouettes. He imbued them with a newfound sense of contemporariness, one that was one that was both daring and refined. It’s a Rockstud worth looking at it.

A Pink Recognized by Pantone

Valentino Pink

Under Piccioli’s stewardship, the fuchsia pink Pantone color became synonymous with Valentino’s modern aesthetic. With a bold stroke, he elevated the hue from a mere color to a statement of style, adorning everything from flowing gowns to tailored separates. Each creation came with a sense of whimsy and sophistication—even Barbie herself loved it.

Piccioli’s Platforms

Because of Piccioli, platforms heels came back in style

Piccioli elevated everyday attire to new heights with his innovative take on platform shoes. Balancing comfort with couture craftsmanship, he reimagined the classic footwear staple, infusing it with a touch of drama and decadence. His platform shoes became a must-have accessory, adding a playful yet polished edge to every ensemble.

Celebrity Power

Florence Pugh as the face of Valentino

Piccioli’s influence further captivated a select group of celebrity ambassadors who became fervent devotees of Valentino’s look. The likes of Florence Pugh, Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Dua Lipa, and Pedro Pascal lent their star power to the brand, adding Valentino’s repertoire with their distinctive style and charisma. With their social media prowess and impactful looks, these celebrity aficionados further propelled Valentino into the stratosphere of cultural relevance.

In a poignant reflection, Piccioli articulated in Italian, “Not all stories have a beginning or an end; some live a kind of eternal present that shines with an intense light, so strong that it leaves no shadows.” With profound sentiment, he continued, “I’ve been in this company for 25 years, and for 25 years I’ve existed and I’ve lived with the people who have woven with me the plots of this beautiful story that is mine and ours.” Pierpaolo Piccioli leaves behind a legacy of memories and moments that will forever illuminate the halls of Valentino—painted in PP Pink. 

Photos: VALENTINO (via Instagram)
Featured Image: PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI (via Instagram)

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