5 Fashion Trends We Expect To See At The MEGA Equality Ball

5 Fashion Trends We Expect To See At The MEGA Equality Ball


As the MEGA Equality Ball is fast approaching, we gather five fashion trends we expect to dominate the fashion gala.

It’s already the 10th year of the annual MEGA Independence Day Ball, and by this time, we now only expect the best of the bests. From the event set-up, awardees, to fashion per se, things just get better. With only one night left before seeing what our lovely attendees would wear, here are five fashion trends we may be seeing at the MEGA Equality Ball.

Mermaid Sequins

When the dress code says metallics, the first thing that comes into your mind is none other than sequins. But since a simple sequined look is too generic, we think that some will try to make their ensemble more fun. How? Enter mermaid sequins.


Overloaded Embellishments

When you’re attending the créme de la créme of fashion galas, it’s only fitting that you go all out.  And what a better way to do that than by putting on overwhelming embellishments to your look. From beadwork, sequins, lace, to crystals, put it all together and you’ll surely stand out.

Daring Corsets

It’s always refreshing to witness women being bold enough to pull off a look highlighting a bustier top. And since it’s the Independence Day, we’re hoping to see more women dare to inject a dose of sexiness at the ball.

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are truly making a scene in Philippine fashion. Given the sophisticatedly fun aura that it emanates, countless style savants are falling in love with it. Add some crystal embellishments that impeccably goes well with ostrich feathers and you’ll undeniably look fabulous.

Dripping in Gold

We know that not all people are a fan of metallics, so if they’re veering away with sequins and heavy embellishments, the safest way is to literally wear metals. And our best bet as the go-to jewelry for the attendees will none other be gold—from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, to brooches.

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