5 Fashion Trends to Expect at the Opulence Ball

5 Fashion Trends to Expect at the Opulence Ball


Due to the pandemic, the Opulence Ball, the event that gathered showbiz’s biggest stars and personalities for a night of extravagance on Halloween, took an indefinite hiatus. But now in 2023, Mond Gutierrez has announced the comeback of the ball with a concept that will take us back to when gods and goddesses ruled all. In anticipation of the much-awaited Opulence Ball, we listed down the fashion trends we’re expecting to see.

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If there’s anything that truly captures the essence of Grecian or Roman culture, it’s definitely the chiseled detailings evident in their artworks. We have seen this trend going around in the fashion industry, and local celebrities even had their own iterations of this particular style in the last few months. That being said, best to expect custom bodice molds at the party.

Jessica Yang Opulence Ball


Another finish that is worth mentioning is the drapery that gods and goddesses had on back then. Whether it’s from the shoulder down to the waist or from the hip to the ankles, this look is a signature to those who embody god-like personas for Halloween. But since this is a night of pure opulence, the attendees will definitely give it their own twist to make it look more avant-garde. 

Anne Curtis Opulence Ball

Gold detailings 

This can be incorporated into the ensemble in a subtle manner, but it definitely elevates it in the most mythical way. We usually see gold in Greek or Roman costumes as a laurel wreath headdress, gold trimmings, or minimal accessories that fit the theme. Either way, this is a staple fashion detail in the realm of dressing like the mightiest of gods. 

Siobhan Maylon Opulence Ball

Ethereal dressing 

We are anticipating a roster of ethereal designs that will make the attendees look like gods and goddesses themselves. This can be done with their use of construction for the silhouette and the chosen fabrics that will help capture the heavenly aesthetic that gods are known for.

Julia Barretto Opulence Ball

Grand headdresses

Accessories play a huge role in any costume, and for this theme, headdresses are an essential since the gods would often decorate themselves with it. That is why we’re predicting a line of impressive designs will be worn by the attendees—a trend we would like to look into when the day arrives.

Sam Verzosa Opulence Ball

Photography by BORGY ANGELES

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