Here Are 5 Fashion Trends We Spotted At MEGA Fashion Week 2019

Here Are 5 Fashion Trends We Spotted At MEGA Fashion Week 2019


As MEGA Fashion Week finally came to a close, we look at the top fashion trends that dominated the runways.

Hot off the runway shows of our featured designers, from their jaw-dropping couture creations, luxe feminine ensembles, to avante-garde pieces, we sure saw a bevy of gorgeous gowns and dashing suits. But what trends will we actually see people wear for the upcoming holidays? Well, here are five fashion trends that truly caught our attention and emerged above all the looks at MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019.

Suit Up

Looks like power suits are having a mighty comeback from the slightly distant 80s. Suit jackets accentuated by broad padded shoulders teamed with trousers easily stood out such as the stunning works of Yves Camingue and Roland Alzate.

Blessed By The Bishop

Nowadays, it’s really all about making a fashionable statement. And what better way to achieve that than by looking très chic with ensembles featuring bishop sleeves like what we’ve seen from Chris Nick and Cheetah Rivera.

Going Wild

It’s the holidays for heaven’s sake, which means it’s high time to let a little loose. So, jot down the right style notes from the likes of Ebiro and Roland Alzate to impeccably channel your feline spirit animal.


Luxe Drapes

Let’s admit it: our December schedule is starting to get packed with countless parties and galas already. And it’s only fitting that we look effortlessly put together and beautiful during these fetes. Easily get that look with draped gowns in silk taffetas just like the case of Noel Crisostomo and Puey Quiñones’ creations.

Neon Party

Whether you like it or not—neons are here to stay. And it only seems like it will take quite a while before we hide it in our closets for good. Given its vibrant color that marvelously glows whenever you’re out clubbing, this may just be the best way to party. Hence, you better take cues from Yves Camingue and Bang Pineda.

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