5 Filipino Movie Releases in 2023 to Watch Before the New Year 

5 Filipino Movie Releases in 2023 to Watch Before the New Year 


These 2023 film releases on Netflix and Prime Video are the perfect must-sees with their thoughtful life lessons to carry with you next year.

Never underestimate the power of films and series to inspire and move you. This year, a number of Filipino releases did not only make their audience react to the material, but they also made them think, pause, and feel on their life decisions. If you are looking for some recommendations to end the year with a better perspective on things, here are five last minute 2023 movie releases that are worth your binge watch in the last few days of the year. 

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Photo: SAMANTHA LEE (via Instagram)

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Keys to the Heart

A family drama has a way of always striking a chord for our audience, and the Filipino adaptation of this South Korean film will be no exception to that. From the relationship of parents to those of siblings, Keys to the Heart will make you think twice on family dynamics that are truly different, but also quite the same for Filipino families.

Simula Sa Gitna

The six-part series featuring the charming pairing of Maris Racal and Khalil Ramos will truly make you wonder if this is what the afterlife offers—comedy with a little twist. While you are discovering the stories of the characters who are waiting on their afterlife sentence, you will have a moment of reflection of your own experiences as well. 


Get your hearts ready and let this Samantha Lee Cinemalaya entry get you extra kilig before the year ends. Relive the old school butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling with this girl-meets-girl story that coincides with growing up, leaving things in the past, and living your life. 

Third World Romance

Even with the daily struggles in life, there is still room to find humor and romance after everything. This is Third World Romance. But with the title itself, you should already expect how the realities of life can make or break the love between characters Britney and Alvin. 

Replacing Chef Chico

The first Filipino Netflix-produced series captures the best of the best the country has to offer—food, family, and females who are empowered to lead. This eight-part show is equal parts touching and thought-provoking, and it has the right amount of cheesiness to either keep you entertained, make you inspired to begin the year with a better mindset, or maybe even both. 

Featured Image: MARIS RACAL AND PROJECT8 PROJECTS (via Instagram)

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