5 Filipino Personalities Who Nailed the Asoka Makeup Trend

5 Filipino Personalities Who Nailed the Asoka Makeup Trend


We’ve seen the 2000s makeup all over our feeds, and recently, we also saw the ‘Asoka’ makeup. Here are five Filipino influencers who captivated the internet with their face card

Inventive and visually captivating trends are all around the TikTok beauty community, which means the Asoka makeup is the newest craze on your FYP. Out with the 2000s Korean-inspired ensemble, and in with Bollywood—the Asoka trend is inspired by the 2001 Hindi movie of the same name and is being done to the movie’s hit song ‘San Sanana.’

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The History

Creators transform their regular looks to resemble Indian bridal attire and makeup in a series of transitions via editing. In contrast to the conventional Western bridal style, which often consists of a white gown and veil, Indian bridal wear and beauty is vibrant, symbolic, and infused with history. Indian bridal makeup is a crucial component of the wedding preparations, highlighting the bride’s beauty with vivid colors and elaborate patterns that pay homage to her cultural background. What makes the trend so popular is the creative execution and the anticipation of seeing the glamorous look at the end—because all the bright colors, bold eyes and lip shades, dramatic makeup, heavy gold jewelry, and sometimes, a colorful bridal veil make up an ensemble that truly showcases the beauty of Indian wedding fashion. 

The upside of beauty trends is that it brings more people to the original material and gives other users exposure to Indian beauty and Hindi music, or other people’s culture in general.

Lenie Aycardo

A contributor of this is digital creator Lenie Aycardo, who amassed about 76 million views from her take on the Asoka trend. Her final glamor is a purple-and-silver-themed ensemble that truly screams royalty, paired with soft pinks on her face. 

If the first one wasn’t proof enough of her dedication, she also made a second version of the Asoka makeup look with shimmering golds and vibrant reds. The behind-the-scenes look shows much work goes into one video that employs dance moves, transitions, lip syncing, and every meticulous part of the makeup process. 

Criza Taa

Criza Taa also managed to book a day for filming, editing, and creating her look of shining and sequined red and gold. Complete with gold jewelry, headdress, and a veil, Criza may be a little late, but she passed with flying colors for this assignment. She also replied to a comment saying that despite her busy schedule, “I refuse to let you all down kaya kahit puno ang schedule, pagpupuyatan ko ‘yan.”


my entry on the Asoka Makeup Trend! medyo late pero period? PERIODT!!

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa


Janio, meanwhile, garnered around 40 million views for another red and gold ensemble. The content creator called this, “Princess Jasmine villain version.”

They also made a second version with a blue-turquoise, prints-and-patterns-filled ensemble, a testament to the commitment and the devotedness of the content creator to the trend.

Sabby and Sophia

The famous Marie siblings on TikTok also made their own rendition of the trend as the first to do the Asoka trend with a ‘twin edition.’ According to the digital creators, this is also their first time contributing to a trend that requires effort, time, and dedication. The end reveals that the classic red and gold look and a new white and gold ensemble.


di pa tapos ang laban! trying ASOKA MAKE UP TREND✨ BTS VLOG NOW UPLOADED ON YT: Sabby and Sophia #sabbyandsophia #fyp

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa


Finally, content creator Fujicko grabbed the attention of the internet with her smooth transitions and final dramatic glam look. Her cinematic transitions and smooth choreography, as well as the stunning glam and outfit amassed her the 62.1 million views.


Replying to @jepeluvsu Indian Bride/Asoka Make up trend Entry ✨🤭 #asokamakeup #indianmakeup

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa


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