5 Grooming Practices Every Man Must Include in Their New Year’s Resolution

5 Grooming Practices Every Man Must Include in Their New Year’s Resolution


Kickstart the year with these easy grooming practices to guarantee a sharper, more refined version of yourself in the months ahead

As we dive headfirst into the new year, it’s high time for guys to give their grooming routine a much-needed upgrade. Beyond the mirror, every man must learn that grooming is a reflection of self-respect and attention to detail. What better way to embrace 2024 than by fully committing to this philosophy? To get you started on the right foot, here are five simple practices to incorporate into your New Year’s resolution.

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Face forward

5 Grooming Practices Every Man Must Include in Their New Year's Resolution - Miguel Tanfelix
Ring in the new year with a radiant glow by making skincare a non-negotiable resolution

Without a doubt, skincare proved that it is not just a fleeting trend—but let’s talk about action. As we navigate 2024, let’s make a solid commitment to a daily skincare routine because, believe it or not, it’s not just a vanity move; it’s a necessity for every gentleman. Start simple with the holy trinity—cleanser, toner, moisturizer—and, of course, add a layer of sunscreen to your daily playbook.

Handsome hands

5 Grooming Practices Every Man Must Include in Their New Year's Resolution - Alden Richards
From handshakes to first impressions, a gentleman’s secret weapon lies in well-maintained nails

Let’s zero in on a grooming essential that often flies under the radar: your nails. A clean, well-trimmed set might seem like a small feat, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a grooming game-changer. Get into the habit of trimming and filing those nails routinely, and don’t sideline those cuticles; they matter more than you’d imagine. Trust us, it’s the little things that count.

Sharp scent

In 2024, let your fragrance tell your story
In 2024, let your fragrance tell your story

Elevate your style with a timeless essential—your signature scent. This season, delve into the world of high-quality fragrances that perfectly mirror your personality and fashion sense. Remember, there is no need to break the bank; just find that perfect smell that truly encapsulates your essence.

Master the mane 

Richard Gutierrez
Own your style game with a year-round commitment to a sharp and sophisticated haircut

Secure your suave with consistent haircuts and trims, guaranteeing your tresses remain sharp and on-trend. Whether you favor the enduring classics or embrace the cutting edge, let this year mark your evolution. Keep in mind that a gentleman’s charm often starts from the top, so never underestimate the impact of a refined cut.

Man in motion

Kirk Bondad
Understanding grooming means caring within and out

Before you call it a day on your grooming regimen, remember that it’s not just skin-deep; it’s a commitment to your overall wellness. Make regular sweat sessions part of your routine for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Word of advice: let your fitness resolution be a year-round affair, and let consistency be your guiding principle.


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